No! Don’t tell me that it’s a soap opera!

That scoured look.
I’m located in the far back corner…yes, you got it…right there…see me!


I don’t want anyone telling me that Downton Abbey is a night time soap opera!  After all…it’s televised on Masterpiece Theater.  Downton Abbey is a part of the Masterpiece Classic anthology.  The characters! Those accents!  The gong!

This Masterpiece Classic is so worth watching.  So worthy of making tea at 8:57pm.  And so what if Apple’s school lunch consist of finger sandwiches, sliced cucumbers and freshly ironed linens….it’s that worthy!

Mrs. Patmore’s questions to Sybil.  Sybil’s desire to learn how to cook.  (I’m with you girl)   Robert and Cora.

It’s about time Carson got around to proposing to Mrs. Hughes.  And her simple response “of course I’ll marry you, you old booby”.   {sighing}

I love Lady Violet.  The Dowager, certainly has a way with words.  As much as I adore her…. she intimidates me.  I have this strange feeling that if we were having tea together- I would drop my madeleine on my lap.  The strong willed Dowager would have that scoured look on her face.  I doubt I will be having tea with Lady Violet.   Ever.

I wait anxiously for Sunday night-9pm.  If it’s football season I have it saved -thank you DVR.  After my family has gone to bed….I curl up in my favorite overstuffed chair.  Tea and jammies.  September curls up on my lap-for she too is anxiously waiting.  Wondering….what will happen with dear sweet  Isis.   Edith?   And Mary.  {umph}

I don’t watch daytime TV.   I have no interest in reality shows, and I have no desire to watch the news -other than the weather forecast – even that makes me frown. But!   According to my sister there are only 16 more days until Spring!

And that my friends….is Downton Abbey worthy!


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