An Apple A Day

Apple & Sir Samuel
Apple & Sir Samuel

Introducing Apple.  She’s the youngest of our three children.  The surprise we never saw coming.  She is the Apple a day that we love so much and the one who keeps this Momma on her toes.  And it’s not because I’m chasing her…. you see Apple loves to dance.

Apple’s personality is contagious.  She loves to please, and with pleasing others – she too is pleased.  Her faith is strong as she doesn’t hesitate to recite a scripture or give me a gentle reminder of grace and humility.   Apple has a love of animals.  She especially loves her Samuel (our Golden Retriever) and September Moon (our Maine Coon cat).  If I didn’t know Apple had human friends….I would most definitely say….these two four-legged fur covered creatures are her besties.

She has so many things she enjoys like most girls her age.  Horses, reading, American Girl dolls, sewing (she grabbed this talent from Auntie LeeAnn), and writing her own stories.  Which, at times I will post.  ( I love that I have her permission to boast on here…the older they get….well…save that for a another post)

I think the most important part of watching Apple blossom ( no pun intended) is that she is still eight- soon to turn nine. At this stage of her life she projects innocence and trust.  Apple doesn’t have a celebrity role model. If you were to ask Apple what she wants to be when she gets older…she’ll tell you an Engineer (like her sister is studying to be) to design safe places for those living in poor countries, this way she can travel to the Dominican Republic like her other role model Katelyn who visits the DR on missionary trips. {{insert happy tears}}   She still listens to Kids Bop, Toby Mac and Plumb.   She hasn’t played her Frozen CD lately, and honestly….I don’t mind that the lyrics to “Let It Go” have somewhat been deleted from my mind.  I’ve belted out that tune one too many times while grocery shopping…and I’m no Idina Menzel….or is it Adele Dazeem.

Apple enjoys the little things in her life.

We take pleasure in enjoying those little things in life along with her.

As this blog rolls on, and hopefully you’ll continue to follow along {{insert head shaking yes please!}} … you will find more An Apple A Day.

Until then…..have a wonderful weekend.     If you live in the South……don’t forget your sunscreen!     If you live in the North…..don’t forget your lip balm!

14 more days until Spring!  (according to my sister)

Momma Daisy & Apple



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