I’m in the first stage of letting my hair grow out from the short pixie cut I’ve had for about a year now.  It was a great pixie style too.  However, thanks to my family gene pool…I am blessed with having hair that grows like a weed.  That can make it difficult for keeping a short style fresh and maintained.  More visits to my stylist – which she doesn’t mind.  I often thought about getting the Flowbee and cutting my own hair.  Maybe not.  Stacie is my hair stylist.  I prefer to call her my hair artist.   Last month, Stacie began the first stage of  “re-shaping” my hair.  Stacie is not only talented and skilled with her scissors, she also has the patience of a Saint!  I find myself in a panic before I walk in the door of her new – very chic– studio. Then I ask her questions, and then I answer the questions for her.  Stacie laughs with me a lot-or maybe at me a lot. It doesn’t matter, we share a lot of laughter together during my appointments. (that’s a lot of using the words a lot)   Our idea, my idea, yes it’s our idea for the next stage of my hair – a short to medium length shag.  I love shags. Shags never go out of style!   And thankfully, my hair wears a shag well.  (did that make any sense?)   I show Stacie a shag photo on my phone. She talks – I listen.  I say let’s go for it!   My first choice was the top photo.  Do you recognize this lovely lady?    Stacie said no.


This was the second choice.  Stacie said no.  I thought I heard her mumble something about Flock of Seagulls.


This was my third choice.   Stacie said yes.  (finally! there’s an agreement!)   Okay, so maybe the hair will be similar, but those lips…not so much.  More like never.  No. Stacie said no.

For the record….I really wanted photo #1,  the lovely lady’s shag.    Mrs. Brady was by far the loveliest and grooviest housewife in the state of California!

To be continued…….


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