Cravings & Dave

Cravings.  I get them a lot.  Cravings are similar to urges.  I know this because I did my research.  Yes, I googled cravings and urges just to see how close of a noun they really are.  They share the same synonyms.      Hunger.  Desire.  Want.  Wish.  Itch. (whoa!)  And here’s my favorite – appetite.  Craving.   The noun I will use to describe my hunger, my desire for a Hershey bar or my wish for a sunny day- so we may enjoy a delicious meal outside.    I’m staying away from …. itch.

After my restraining order against Ben&Jerry, I became friends with a guy named Dave.

Meet Dave.


I have no clue what Dave’s last name is.  I went on Food Network’s website and Dave’s official website– there was no last name to be found.  So, when I want to find Dave- I know exactly where he is.  Aisle 7.   Aisle 7  is where we meet.  Dave’s Gourmet Butternut Squash pasta sauce is crazy delicious on tortellini. If you are not a fan of tortellini, then it is spagdilcious on spaghetti!   Please note that I have tried Dave’s sauce on many varieties of pasta and vegetables!  And don’t waste any sauce that may remain on your plate – soak up the sauce with a thick slice of Italian bread.   I’m not sharing this new Dave relationship with my father.   (1) I don’t know Dave’s last name- but I doubt it’s Italian.   (2) If it doesn’t say authentic Italian on the label – it’s junk.  (3) It’s not my father’s homemade Italian sauce.


And then…there are these nom noms.   Wegmans is out to get me.  I find Milano’s on sale way too often!   Perhaps I should contact Pepperidge Farm, and protest these “one too many times sale“.     By the way, Milano cookies are in

aisle 5.


My favorite thing to wear besides yoga pants are jeans and sandals or flip-flops.  I have been wearing jeans with holes or frayed cuffs for years.  I never knew I was wearing my boyfriend’s jeans until recently.  Boyfriend jeans.  Nah…I’ll just call them my comfy jeans.


I love tunics!  I seriously can’t get enough of them.  They are so comfortable and versatile.  World Market had a sale.  I’ll soon have a restraining order for World Market.   I’m not one for shopping at the mall, or  fighting the outlet crowds ( I go when absolutely necessary)  –  but World Market shopping for tunics, yes ma’am!  As a matter of fact I just recently purchased these two styles.  They’ll go perfect with my boyfriend comfy jeans and sandals or flip-flops.

I have a craving to open all of my windows, and invite the Spring breeze to flow through my house.

I urge you to do the same.   (that was silly)

If you should know Dave’s last name, or ever find out – please don’t tell me.  I kind of like it this way.

I have a $10 off coupon for World Market – if you spend $50 or more.  I could always mail it to you. 

Enjoy your day….and whatever cravings await you.


2 thoughts on “Cravings & Dave

  1. Hate to spoil it for you but Dave’s last name is Buttsquash. Yes David Buttsquash is his name…..hope you are still okay with the sauce. 😉


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