A Kaleidoscope of Words in Kalamazoo

I started out with a morning run- which quickly turned to a U-turn back to my house.  I grabbed my walking pal Samuel (our Golden) and we strolled.  (Unlike the strut that John Travolta is famously known for)   We strolled along the trail- following the sun beam- it was like having natures version of a GPS.   But I wanted no GPS this warm and cheery morning.  The mild breeze that flowed was making Samuel’s choice of which scent to follow…almost impossible.   I love watching Samuel as he walks.  It’s like he’s in the show ring- tail flagging- head up- chest out.  He’s such a handsome dog- and how unfair that Samuel should have highlights in his golden coat that I must pay for!     Which reminds me –  we both need grooming appointments.

As Samuel gets caught up in the scent of his hunt- I’m caught up in a kaleidoscope of thoughts.

I take notice to buds on the trees that line the road.  I actually noticed for the first time, there are more plum-colored front doors (like my own) in a section of homes I’ve passed so many times before.   (obviously the same builder)

I find words like fresh, greens, bright, iced tea, sand, and Kalamazoo floating around in my mind.   I have no idea why Kalamazoo….let’s blame the sun that I haven’t seen in months!

So, maybe today the weather was exceptionally pleasant.  Who am I kidding….it was fabulous!!    And if tomorrow brings rain – there will be another tomorrow  in Kalamazoo!

These are the moments…those simple little moments…that become precious moments in my life.   I love days like this.  And yes, I spent this sunny morning with my four-legged child, as my two-legged darling stayed busy in school.  Hopefully she aced the geometry test!

I look forward to this new season-Spring.  It’s been a few days since I looked at Facebook, but today I took a peek- and my sister posted 7 more days!!!   Without seeing the word Spring in her post….I’m going to take a leap and say….she’s making the countdown until Spring Equinox is officially here.

Enjoy your Kalamazoo!   No matter where it takes you!


One thought on “A Kaleidoscope of Words in Kalamazoo

  1. Well stated Lisa. Absolutely loving this prelude to spring. It can be a little teaser, I do not mind as I know it won’t be too long before it is here to stay.

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