What? No more Football Superstar?!

I can’t think of a better way to describe my husband Brent, better than to say he’s wonderful.  No, really…he is.

If I were to write down every word that I feel describes his personality,  his character, even his charming good looks… I would be typing for several hours, perhaps days and you would find yourself reading a book.  So Wonderful [adjective] is the word I will use.   Brent is a realtor/broker for Century 21 New Millennium in the DC metro area.   He’s been in the world of real estate for over 20 years.  [I’d die]     As we drive home from church, Brent begins to tell me about his new clients – they are living in Guam and planning to return to NoVA this summer.   It’s common for him to have clients out of state, or the country.

I’m listening closely, because it will involve me… mailing, scheduling, update client status, and to remember this….making sure he has matching socks.  (or the other)

This conversation carries over at home as we begin eating lunch.   Out of nowhere, I asked Brent if he remembered the name I used for him in my previous Journey blog.   (glad I waited until he swallowed the tuna on rye)

He has this snicker-y laugh.  I told him my plan to use it again in my new blog.  After all, my readers from Journey know you by that name.

This was the conversation:

Him:  Seriously, don’t use that name.

Me:  Why not?!   It’s a perfect name for you.  After all, thanks to your mother, I can’t help but use it!  [Mother-in-law had a football museum in her basement of her youngest son]

Him:  We really need to take those pictures from her during our next visit.

Me:    [laughing really hard]   You mean the Football Superstar poster?!

Him:  [ chewing shakes his head-yes]

Me:  So, you just want me to call you Brent when I write about you?

Him:  Sure.  That’s my name.  And besides, my Jayhawk days are over.    Long over!   We live among Redskin players….that’s no comparison to throw out a superstar name.    Sounds conceited to me.

Me:  You are so not conceited!!!

Him:  Okay, so no Football Superstar….right?   Lisa…..Lisa…..

Me:  I’m glad you never became a pro football player……we would have never met.

Him:  [smiling]  Me too.   So, Lisa…..no super – football names right?!

Me:   You’re a man of few words when speaking about yourself – Brent.       [smiling]

Him:  So I’ve heard.

(out cries this little voice)

Apple:  You should be Football Superstar daddy!   You’re my Football Superstar anyway!

Vote is in….2 to 1.

Football Superstar
Football Superstar
My man still got it.
My man still got it.

Yeah….he’s wonderful.


6 thoughts on “What? No more Football Superstar?!

    • Cute Carl is doing a job he loves (which also allows me to stay at home – yay!!!!!) and he is still as cute as ever. We are just enjoying being a new (am I still allowed to say new after, almost, 8 months?!) Mommy and Daddy, and truly loving every minute! Hope you and the family are doing well xoxo

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