too Much, too Little, too Late….

It’s only Wednesday.  Wednesday shouldn’t have this much on the “to do” list.   That’s for Mondays.

It felt like a Monday.  Only in the middle- of- the- week, kind of Monday.

This was my “to do” Wednesday schedule:

*take Apple to school

*dry cleaners  (inform dry cleaning lady about the ink spot on white shirt)

*head to Post Office

*head home- take Samuel for a walk

*run (?)

*call swim team facilitator – get summer schedule

*text college daughter – her apartment info came.  {ugh}

*go back to school for Apple- orthodontist

*back to school to deliver Apple- just in time for PE

*go home- eat late lunch- same time load dishwasher

*go to Bonefish for a gift certificate

*back to school for Apple

I failed at most items on my “to do” list.

Thank goodness I successfully managed to get my youngest to her orthodontist appointment!    Because you know it’s  important to have those flamingo pink bands…. changed to petal pink.

This is what went down….

*Apple got to school

*forgot to inform lady at the dry cleaners about ink spot- called to inform her   (she yelled at me)

*went to Post Office- nothing to mail- it was on my desk – at home

*e-mailed apartment information to college daughter   (oh, boy)

*orthodontist     {you already know that was a success}

*Samuel only had the opportunity to potty – no walk

*didn’t run- neighbor came out and chatted   – realized I forgot to call swim coach and quickly ran from neighbor back into my house     That’s NOT considered running

*made it to Bonefish for gift certificate

*pit stop to Walgreens for gum and lunch – okay Dorito’s    (oh, and eyebrow enhancer)

*made it to school for Apple

Tomorrow is Thursday.     I’ll have a few extra “to dos” tomorrow.    That’s okay…..I’ll have prettier eye brows.

Estee Lauder promo
Those eyes...make me feel guilty I missed his afternoon walk.
Those eyes…make me feel guilty I missed his afternoon walk.
I totally stink at taking selfies...but I think you can see one eyebrow
I totally stink at taking selfies…but I think you can see one eyebrow

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