Momma Daisy vs. Robin

It was like a scene directly out of Hitchcock’s “THE BIRDS”.

I was working in my small flower bed next to our garage- removing all the mess winter left behind.  Little sprigs of green are showing through dried leaves and faded powdery mulch.  I love it!  Here come my crocus’s and daffodils!

I love the words garden and gardener.  These days, my garden is approximately a 10 foot patch with a Japanese Cherry tree planted directly in the center of my flower bed.  When this tree is in full bloom, it’s absolutely gorgeous~ truly picturesque!

Today, this tree only shows signs of what is to come – its only service is for the local Virginia Cardinals or a family of Chick-a-dee’s and Gold Finches.   I’m no bird lover- however, these little feathered guest entertain us with not only songs, but entertainment for September Moon as she perches herself on my favorite overstuffed chair.   The one I snuggle in to watch Downton Abbey!        (come on season six!)

Not today.   Today it was him.   The Winged Beast.   Mr. Robin-Redbreast.    (not the adorable Robin from the nursery rhyme)    He waited for me to walk closer to my tree where he perched- stalking me- not making a sound.   Out of nowhere he attacked!   Okay, so he squawked and squawked and squawked!   I screamed and screamed and screamed!   He made such a scene!   Or maybe it was I who made the scene- because the cutest little grandfather who is visiting his family from India had a look of fear on his face.  I couldn’t tell if it was my screaming or the tribal dance I was performing.     I don’t know Hindi for “help…I’m being attacked by a bird”!!           For now on, this kind quiet soul will find a different route to take his daily walk.

Well, eventually I gave up.  I waited for the Winged Beast to leave.  I grabbed some freshly brewed iced Madagascar Red Vanilla tea and went back outside to inspect the damages.   Nothing too bad, my hat was on the ground, sidewalk chalk was smashed, but Mr. Robin was long gone.    I’m sure he was sitting somewhere – watching me.  But I’m ready- bring it on Mr. Robin Redbreast!     Because this gardener has a broom!

WP_20150322_17_23_31_Pro  VS  thK159C3KP


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