To Clip…or not to Clip

To clip...or not to clip!
To clip…or not to clip!

Coupon clipping.  I’m such a slacker when it comes to clipping coupons, or downloading them on my phone.  There are blogs I read filled with useful information when it comes to grocery shopping.    I have this plan (ongoing plan)  for getting organized with my grocery shopping.  Timing, budgeting, which food store, and most importantly ….the list.

If I would only plan a weekly menu.  Funny thing is….I have this 8×10 McKenzie~Childs tablet sitting right here, on my desk- it’s a menu planner!   Have I used it for any weekly menu planning?  Of course I have.   I think.  Once.

Menu planning means fewer trips to the grocery store, healthier eating, cut down on food waste and saves you time.  I typically shop each week (sometimes twice) for most of our food needs at WegmansWegmans has an AP for coupons and their weekly seafood or gourmet meat selections.  I’ve also used  Fresh Markets  AP for their fresh-cut meats and deli selections. Wholefoods will forbid me to check out with a basket full of “bad foods”.  I think their employees are trained to stare down consumers that shop in the “unhealthy” aisles, wearing flip-flops and boyfriend comfy jeans.  I can get away with that at Trader Joe’s.    But why can’t I seem to consistently use the “at your fingertips technology” for meal planning?   They are free.  Easy.  Right at my fingertips.

Without getting off track here, my purpose for this post is a confession to my readers, and…. to finally fall into a routine of menu planning and coupon using.    Menu planning is popular with Rachel Ray (not sure who she’s cooking for), Giada (again, not sure who she is cooking for) and Guy.  Menu planning is also very popular with some of my friends.  And as much as I appreciate those friends who have counseled me in this thing called “family meal planning/shopping”….I surrendered my membership to their social club.    I will try “family meal planning/shopping” solo.


I’m going to begin utilizing the AP’s on my phone for planning.   I’m going to plan weekly menus.   I’m going to find myself in Wegmans only once a week.  This my friends, will take great effort because I’m weak when it comes to their fresh-baked goods and the never-ending sale on Milano’s.  I will try harder on this pledge (note the word try)  to pass the temptation of aisle #5.  I’ll tell myself that Joe is really a Traitor.    Don’t take Route 28….keep moving!

I pledge.....
I pledge…..

But this is what happened today…..




Would it help if I told you the Sabra hummus was on sale?

Pray for me…. I’m going to need all the help I can get!


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