A Forgotten Time Capsule

It was hard to focus on my “to do” list today.   Everyone else was enjoying the sunshine (and wind) outside, as I found myself in a sun filled room with a big blue bin.  Beyond a few dust bunnies and unpacked bins- my finds were something to be treasured.

Our two oldest children put together a Time Capsule with the help of classmates when they were in elementary school.  One was buried so deep next to our garage when we lived in York Township.   As we made a move, I do believe it was left behind.  As the years passed, no one mentioned it or perhaps thought about it until now.  Because…. I just now thought about it!

There was a second Time Capsule that became an archeological find before we moved South.   And today, it is buried behind a half-dozen homecoming/prom dresses and a few boxes of fancy shoes. Not outside of course!   (These are the items that didn’t go to college)

Today it was my turn.  The “capsule” I found this afternoon was one I  created with a few friends ( from the homeless shelter where we worked) to be buried (who knows where) and to be unveiled later before we became ancient and forgetful.  I believe we forgot the importance of a time capsule.   We never buried it.   It must have traveled home with me from my shelter office to my apartment.  Jump ahead a few years to a townhouse …… to a historic farmhouse…..to another State…..and two other moves!   This capsule was packed inside a very large Rubbermaid bin that held photo albums from years past.

I opened the capsule to find letters, fortune cookie fortunes, cards, photos, and a menu from our favorite bagel deli.  I laughed so hard until I cried.     On the very bottom of this shoe box called Time Capsule…..I found a few items of my very own.   These treasures  were kept by my mother from when I was a young girl.  Behind tear filled eyes, I tried to snap a picture of some of the items I found.   There were charms, pictures, post cards and what survived from my favorite ballerina watch.

At the time when our oldest children were digging up the yard (or their classmates yards) to bury these “junk filled” metal boxes, I found myself placing little to no importance on their treasures that they just buried.   The thought behind each item that went into the metal tool box – which was donated by a contractor dad.  I believe there was some eye rolling going on (by me) – yes, I’ll admit that because the tool box was filthy.   Before I could say “time for dinner”….. that filthy toolbox was painted green and yellow with Sponge Bob stickers and skate board graffiti on the sides.   I stand to be corrected.    Because today I wished so badly we  would have buried this Nike shoe box that holds so many memories made by four adult women who felt like they were on top of the world just like my kids and their classmates.   We could have buried this Nike shoe box (size 6.5 runners) behind the shelter parking lot- there was an area of grass that separated the shelter building and a small alley way.  I can just see us now gathering together for bagels before our archeological dig!

Thank you “to do” list!   If it were not for you…..this big blue bin would have been waiting another season for unpacking.



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