Conversing with a Cat

If you are not a cat fancier, you may have no interest in this post.  But, oh, come on….read it anyway!

In my life there was only one other cat that lived in such a mystical palace – called a house, with us.   Clementine.  He was dubbed “Jabba  the Hutt” by our veterinarian.  The good doctor insisted Sir Clementine go on a strict diet along with an exercise routine.  {{?}}    Sadly, not long after Clementine’s diet he passed away of a stroke.

Two years later, my sweet husband listened to me (whine) about not having a cat.  One to sit graciously on our oversized window sills, to watch birds, and do whatever cats do.   I thought every home (especially a farmhouse) needed a cat.   I did some research (way ahead of my whining to Football Superstar) on Maine Coon cats.  I knew a woman who owned one of these gentle giants.    Within a month I received contact from the humane society, informing me that there was a young MC waiting for adoption.   Needless to say, after a 15 minute visit, this very sweet young (mother) cat…. became mine ours.


It was late August when we visited the humane society- and it wasn’t until September that we were permitted to bring her home.  She had an upper respiratory infection, and needed to be spayed.  She was apparently dropped off at the door of the shelter with two of her kittens.  Without knowing her exact age- they guessed by her teeth (that amazes me) she was just over a year old.

September 9th I drove to the shelter solo to collect my our new furbaby.   I was so anxious.   And so was she.  After listening to the on site vet, grabbing her medication that was to be administered for another month (liquid-by mouth) and thanking the HS staff for the box of cat goodies…..we were out the door.   She was in a small cat carrier, but that did not stop her from protesting her unhappiness the entire 45 minute drive home. She was incredibly vocal!  My babies never cried like this – during any length of time in the back of the car!  I even had her in the passenger seat.   This was an experience.   (why did I go solo?!)  I tried talking to her…..singing…..telling her that she will be safe and loved at her new home palace.

The kids were so excited to see her, name her, hold her, play with her, that I could barely get in the door!    I instructed everyone that we should allow this frightened feline time to get adjusted to her new environment. Especially the two drooling beast that couldn’t wait to get slapped on the nose by – another cat.    I thought our dogs were smart enough to remember the torture they encountered by Jabba.       Now for a name.     It was the month of September.   An hour later, the kids came flying – literally flying downstairs to show me the calendar from Apples play room- there it was- a Maine Coon kitten.  It just so happened that September 9th was to be a full moon.    September Moon she is!


I find it hard to believe she is now eight.   September prefers to use human years.   So, she’s 8.

Since I have taken a break from working in the world of education, I’m home a lot more now with September and Samuel during the day.  As I have the opportunity to work from home on my husbands real estate marketing,( love being a full-time mom!!!) both of our furbabies are enjoying their human companionship.   Samuel has always been a “momma’s boy”.   But recently, September has become attached to me like I have never experienced before with a cat.    She no longer “sings” for my husband to cradle her in his big arms as he pours our morning coffee.   She waits for me to wake up, grab my coffee and begin my routine.  But my morning routine doesn’t begin until she is held and cuddled.  If I ignore her….she cries out (and it seriously sounds like)  “MOM”.   September waits for me to get Apple to school, to return home and open my lap top to begin my morning computer task.  She will sit on the edge of my desk, which explains why I may send e-mail to people who were not to receive e-mail and she can at times work the mouse.  Which explains why I lose e-mail or my files go into cyber world.   September likes to stare.  I was under the impression there was a “cat law” that you are not to stare directly into a cats eyes …… or is it they don’t like when you look them in the eye?  Maybe I’m thinking of lions.   She stares.  Lovingly.  Lengthy stares.  And, if I don’t look back, (or stare back) she will insist with many purrs where I must give in.   And when I do….she begins to talk.  It’s conversing with a cat.

I can type and talk (I’m  good at multitasking) with her.   I often wonder if she is telling me off.  Her meows and purrs begin to grow stronger, and it goes on and on.   So, I thought I would ask her if there is something she would like to say- to my readers.   Without telling me off.

“I prefer sunlight directly on my back- so please open the curtains completely.  Though they are shear, open them anyway. I don’t mind that the Shaggy Beast enjoys left over morsels from my china bowl, after all, I am watching my feline figure.  I would like very much if the littlest human would not take all of the pillow space – though it is her bed- I prefer to have the left side of the pillow just incase ….doesn’t really matter….I prefer the left side of the pillow.  I like to find the warmest spot on any human, whether they are allergic to me or not.  It is comfortable for me to sleep on your chest or neck or lap.  Oh, you must get up?  No worries, I’ll just take over the place where you were sitting (relaxing you call it) because it is nice and warm from your rather large ………     I also like it when you brush me with my own cat brush not the Furminator.  I don’t care how much hair I may shed – the Furminator smells like the Shaggy Beast and it’s offensive to my delicate nose.   I know you have that cat tape hidden in the pantry.  It’s to repel cats from scratching but after a few times the tape became a game of truth or dare for me and the Shaggy Beast.   I won.   Of course I win….he’s so gullible!    After all, I don’t particularly like the smell of your new furniture.   I don’t like the smell of your antique furniture either.   I would prefer if you would add more cat nip to my fake mouse that you think is the greatest toy invented for us finicky felines.  Don’t you remember the time I found the real mouse in the mud room and brought it to you?   It was a gift of love.   I may come off as a princess, but I am a great hunter.    I adjusted to the southern creatures that you fear.  Little lizards that climb on the screens.     Frogs and humming birds.  You never allow me to go out of this palace…..but I’m alright with that.    From the throne I perch on, I see other shaggy beast that lurk among the grass and trees.    I close my eyes in disgust.   Haven’t they heard of canopy covered litter boxes!   I love sitting on what you call your- French vintage computer desk as you work.  I find it entertaining when you are trying to type and hold me back with your elbow.  I find it hard to believe that it has been eight years, and I still look like the adorable young cat you fell in love with.  You have changed in those eight years.  How old would you be in cat years?    In these eight years with you and these other humans I have felt love and security.  I have watched two older humans go off to the great wide world.  Or is it wild world?  I wouldn’t know….you never allow me outside.    The little human and the Shaggy Beast are the best friends I could ask for.  It is my way of showing love.   It is out of my love, that I insist on sleeping on the left side of little human’s pillow.    Love is why I wait for the human with the deep voice to grind his morning coffee- I like staring at him.  It is out of my love that I sit and stare at you as you type.   Just as I am doing at this moment.    Love, and the fact I dislike a dirty canopy covered bathroom.  (Please address that asap)    I couldn’t ask for a more loving family.    Please don’t stop loving me.   After all…..cats are known to have nine lives.   I’m going to rule this palace for many more years!     Now…..about that bathroom.”               ~~September Moon 

I can’t imagine life without my our September Moon.

I think September will miss us as we enjoy our spring break road trip. She will even miss the Shaggy Beast!  September will have the wonderful pet nanny from Woofies Pet Service wrapped around her little paw.   She always does.   For many more years.    Now…. to attend to the canopy covered bathroom.


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