C- in Food Shopping 101

I did it again people.  I so failed at food shopping this morning.

Wegmans was not crowded.  (it rarely is at 7:45 am)    I had most aisles all to myself.   Coupons clipped and even a few specials saved on my phone.   My list was lengthy this trip.  Hubby requested meats,fruits and lots of veggies.   There was a footnote on my list that looked like this;   **something chocolate for momma   **granola bars (for weekend 5-K)

Not to use any excuses here, but the necessity of needing non healthy food around to get me through these past few days has been a comfort.  After loosing our beloved Samuel on Thursday, our sweet neighbor baked brownies and dropped them off for us.   For Apple, she enjoyed the brownies and Football Superstar ate one (or two)  with much appreciation.  But me, dang, I couldn’t stop at just one or two.  I would sneak downstairs and…..   there are two left.    I was given strict orders to leave the remaining two brownies  in the original baking pan with a pretty pink lid – alone!  I know my husband is only looking out for me. (as he did with Liz’s peanut butter fudge)  So today, as I wondered around the grocery store looking down at my list, then my phone – for I didn’t want to miss the coupon code – and back to my list – I found myself thinking about those last two brownies, and how much it would mean to my husband if he could enjoy them, possibly tonight, after dinner.   I never thought about the brownies again.

Well now… look who I found!

The restrainer order was lifted.
Super low price $2.99

My ol’ pals Ben&Jerry.  No more restraining order!    There’s just one thing …. this flavor is not new.   We met last spring.  But I’ll allow B&J to continue their promotional word new! .   Hazed and confused pretty much describes the way I shopped through each aisle of Wegmans.      What if B&J change the spelling of “core”  to match my last name  –  it would make a perfect marriage.  Chocolate and hazelnut is a delightful combo, I can’t think of a better ice cream to add my name to.

Soup Man
Original price $3.79 todays price $3.20 with coupon

No soup for you!  Actually there will be soup for me… and Apple.   With todays drenching rains, soup is on the menu.

I love The Original Soup Man soups.  My friend Robert and I have always enjoyed The Soup Man.  

This weekend begins the annual Cherry Blossom Festival in DC.  It didn’t take us very long after moving here, to learn that traffic will become a nightmare during tourist season(s)- as if each day isn’t a nightmare here in the metro area!    Tourist come from all over to see the gorgeous cherry blossoms, the parade, maybe participate in the 10-mile run, and enjoy eating in the Districts many restaurants.  There is the Anacostia River Festival taking place as well.    If you have never attended the Cherry Blossom Festival, I encourage you to do so.

I got off track….back to my shopping.  We will be entertaining friends this weekend.  Staying clear of the traffic.  So, I wanted to find a fun wine to serve.    I’m no wine connoisseur, and our friends stopping over are more interested in good conversation and good food- so trust me- my choice of wine will not send them rushing back home.  I love these peeps!     I will ask for assistance if there should be a wine that has been requested, or to purchase a fine bottle of wine for my husbands clients.   But for me……I go by the bottle.


I love cupcakes!   So this label attracts me each time I see it on the shelf…but I have never sipped Cupcake.  I just really like the label!   It could taste like vinegar…but I just adore the label.   I said that too many times.


Oh- wait……I do like flip*flop.   And it’s the BEST BUY.   $7.99!     And I LOVE wearing flip-flops…so this wine is typically one I  will purchase.   And since my friends Mary and LeeAnn like cheap wine (sorry girls) this one rates a #9 on our list.

And it doesn’t taste like vinegar.


Our Dog Blue

The dog label made my heart sad – skipped past this one.    Our Samuel would have looked handsome on a wine label.


Big House White.    Artsy and funky label.    $14.99 sale*    I like this label.  It reminds me of my first home in the city- a very long time ago-  and a much smaller big house. And it wasn’t white.  It was red brick.   The wine could taste like vinegar…but I like the artsy label.

Attending Loudoun County’s beautiful vineyards only attracts me due to the fact you can take an entire afternoon, and enjoy sitting alfresco, tasting wonderful foods created by some of LC top chefs – but bestest is taking your furbaby!  One glass will typically last (me) two or more hours.  Wine connoisseurs and those who play the role well (that would be me) stroll around the grounds with their pampered pooches.  Haven’t done that here in Loudoun?   You should.

Back to shopping…

I did successfully purchase the important items on the grocery list, but where I fail is adding what isn’t on my grocery list.  I received a C- in Food Shopping 101 today.   If I could only stay away from Ben, Jerry, Cupcakes (the food cupcake), asiago cheese ciabatta bread, and French vanilla muffins.   But the voice in my head says “Apple loves them so, get the French vanilla muffin(s)!! ”        I may end up food shopping at Whole Foods where it’s a crime to purchase such poison.

Who am I kidding…..

My family will eat wholesome and healthy meals.  (I was a girl scout – I remember the girl scout honor)  I did purchase a thick pork tenderloin to recreate The Pioneer Woman  crock pot sensation, which I made before.  I’m not bragging….I don’t eat meat, I’m strictly going by what I was told.     Asparagus was looking fab, so I grabbed two bunches.   Shrimp for the weekend, chicken breast, arugula and more fixin’s for a super salad.     Yes, B&J hitched a ride back home with me.

For you Robert- bon appetite!
For you Robert- bon appetite!

Crab and corn chowder was delicious.  Apple and I enjoyed a quiet dinner tonight- as my husband had a late client appointment.  And yes, when he arrived home….there were two brownies waiting for him.

Bon Appetite!


4 thoughts on “C- in Food Shopping 101

  1. It’s good to know there is another student in my Food Shopping 101 that doesn’t achieve an A!!
    I think they set us up for failure….never will get that A! {giggling}
    Thanks for stopping by Donna. Happy Food Shopping!


  2. Laura, thank you for such a nice comment….I’ll try to be more of a hero when it comes to nom noms around the house…but it takes that special super hero power! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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