This Saturday was filled with wonders.  We attended an outdoor wedding by the Potomac, and thankfully the rain held off until later in the evening.  Sarah, Century 21 NM’s office manager was married on this chilly afternoon.  (Sarah is my hubby’s left arm)  Temperatures barely reached 60 degrees.  There were moments when the sun peeked through soft pillow-like gray clouds.  Even with those gray clouds, the bride couldn’t  have been more radiant in her satin and jeweled strapless gown and cowgirl boots!   Yes, she wore fabulous Lucchese Dusty Brown cowgirl boots.

From our seats, we listened to the officiate pronounce the couple husband and wife…..and as we watched Sarah and James walk down the aisle – as a married couple – I felt my husbands hand touch mine.  With a warm smile I melted by his side.  And…. because I was thrown off by my own girlish love…..there were no other photos taken during the ceremony.   Except one.  You’ll see it soon.




A simple arch was draped with white linen, while a halo of giant gerbera daisies and roses added softness to the wooden arch.   I absolutely loved how the décor was a blend of rustic and fresh white, with a splash of peach.

And then this happened……WP_20150425_14_55_33_Pro when you live so close to an International Airport this happens- a lot.  So, I guess they couldn’t reroute to avoid causing such a loud disturbance while the ceremony was taking place.  Geez…that landing gear is LOUD!


Oh, yes…this is the other picture.   How did that happen?!   These Randi mid-high pumps are joyous!   So, aren’t you glad I snapped a picture of my foot?

On the way home we decided to be spontaneous ……   WP_20150425_14_48_41_Pro  went for a late night dinner.


Home. Sweet. Home.


Happy Endings.   WP_20150425_15_56_16_Pro


10 thoughts on “Saturday*

  1. We went to a wedding last weekend in Boston. The venue was spectacular, overlooking the iconic clock tower with the airport in the distance. Planes were landing and departing, and although we could see them, we fortunately couldn’t hear a sound.

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    • That’s too bad. At least you had your spectacular view! Like here, we have wonderful views of the District, including the Potomac, but with two large International airports- it’s not easy to escape their traffic or the thunder from landing gear.


  2. You need to make a book of your writings….they are great! I keep wanting to turn the page for more.
    This is certainly one of your callings in life! More please!

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