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thSNO7O9HM Oh!  I fell for his lovable smile.  Last Friday was movie night for Apple Cheeks and a friend.  When they asked to see Home, I wasn’t quite sure about this movie.  When I read some of the reviews, a few were somewhat negative.  Collaborating with the other mom, we decided Home wasn’t as “inappropriate” as some reviews claimed the movie to be.  Actually, if anyone laughed the loudest – or cried the most – it was me.   And it had everything to do with friendship.

I couldn’t help myself from adoring that purple Boov, Oh.

It’s not often my husband and I get to a movie on a “date night”.  Not that we don’t enjoy a good movie, but it’s those cozy reclining chairs that line the theaters like a man cave.  All I need is my handmade rag quilt (compliments of LeeAnn) and I’m set for a good nights sleep.  Yes, it’s just like home.  Football Superstar is watching the movie, and there I am wrapped in my rag quilt sleeping. The only thing missing in the theater would be September curled up on my side purring.   Friday night, I tried keeping the super sized theater seat in the upright position…. but my feet don’t touch the floor – I’m only 5′ 2″ – so I gave in and put the recliner back to where I felt as if I was about to get my teeth cleaned.   Without my rag quilt, I remained wide awake to enjoy the buttery popcorn and Oh!

While I am on the subject of movies….I’m going to talk about books.   This won’t take long…I’m getting rather sleepy.


You can’t beat the real deal.  It’s like purchasing real McCoy pottery – it’s all in the mark.

Julia Child was a favorite “real deal”  when I was a teenage girl.  My father would watch her show Saturday mornings faithfully, though he would pretend that any French cuisine was far less desirable to his authentic Italian masterpieces.  I just loved listening to her talk!        LeeAnn passed me her copy of Julie & Julia.  I loved the book!  I read it twice, and each time I laugh and cry and laugh some more.   After reading Julie & Julia the second time, I had this urge to be a culinary master of my own kitchen.  And, during this urge…. I asked my husband for new cookware.  I just didn’t want Paula’s or Rachel’s or more Wolfgang Pucks ( three I burned), I didn’t want the pastel colors or the latest culinary art deco design….NO, I wanted Anolon Nouvelle!   The $399.99 Anolon Nouvelle!    And my husband was so thrilled to learn that I wanted to take cooking classes at Cookology.  Sign her up he says!    As for the $399.00 Anolon Nouvelle…..   I settled for Cosco’s  Cuisinart Triply 12 piece.   [$199.99]   Yes, we saved money on cookware, and there were a few more burnt pots and pans from my novice culinary homework.   I am proud to say there are no more burnt pots and pans …… so I am asking Santa for new cookware.  Maybe not Anolon Nouvelle, but an upgrade.

Now, for the movie.  I’m not a huge fan of Meryl Streep, however I can’t deny it – she is a great actress.  But in Julie & Julia, I just couldn’t stay focused on Meryl as Julia Child.   I like Stanley Tucci.  And, I really enjoyed watching how the two lives of these women intertwined.  But it moved too slowly….. and well……

Chalk the movie Julie & Julia up for another “fell asleep” flick.  I know…you’re probably shaking your head at me – how could I not like this movie – right?   {shrugging shoulders}


I just loved Marley & Me.  When this book came out, it was a must read for me.  I’ve owned a few “Marley’s” in my day.  So for me, everything John Grogan writes in Marley & Me barks volumes.   This book is full of love, life, commitments and the trust of a huge Labrador Retriever named Marley.     Just the other day I took this book down from my book-case and began to read it again.

And here she goes – you’re thinking it – I know you are…that’s okay…. so, about the movie.  Whaaa?   It was almost as if they took bits and pieces of  Grogan’s writings from this book, added edited clips of really bad movies and presto you’ve got a finished piece about a goofy dog, or maybe goofy owners, or was it everyone was goofy…. it was too much goofiness for me.   Or I think I may have fallen asleep.  Yeah, I fell asleep.

If you want a shocker – I enjoyed both book and movie of Fried Green Tomatoes.   How can you go wrong with Kathy Bates.

The Notebook.  No other words need be said.  The Notebook.

I haven’t seen Gone Girl, but the book was good.  I read it with my book club gals.  Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl certainly spins a web of darkness and suspicion.  I typically don’t enjoy reading suspense/thriller books, but this one was a favorite of the book club.   Should I watch the movie?   Or would I fall asleep?

Speaking of sleep……

Good night all.



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