B- in Food Shopping 101

I give myself a B+ in Food Shopping 101.  I will hand out extra credit for coupon clipping and using my Wegmans AP for meats.  And…. bonus points earned for “store shopping” online, to locate which food store had the best prices.  (Keeping in mind travel, time, gas)


 Safeway had some great incentives to use their competition on the other guys.  But I don’t always find their produce to be fresh.  However, I did take advantage of the above coupon.  Why allow Wegmans to have all my love when it comes to Milano’s.     Right?

During my research I went to the competitor – Giant Foods   Giant had some rather good “Buy One Get One Free“, which worked for my family in the cereal selection and laundry detergent.  And of course my friends show up in the freezer aisle.  I just can’t seem to say good-bye to Ben or Jerry.   So I threw one two in my cart.  I told myself, it’s an early birthday present.   Ha!  Who am I kidding….they hitched so many rides with me from various food stores I can’t keep track what occasion it may have been.  Birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Tooth Fairy visit, a new laugh line on my face and or no reason at all, these two dudes just can’t find a way to leave me alone.

Oooo….free insulated reusable bag?! If that’s not brainwashing me!

Wegmans is the food store that came out on top once again.     th

Using my AP, doing research on price per pound in the meat department, as well as using some of the coupons that are available in Wegmans monthly magazine…..I saved over $28 this shopping trip.   I am thrilled.   I organized this food shopping adventure.  Like planning for a family vacation, I planned accordingly.   Making a weekly menu certainly helped.      On last nights menu, Naan pizza.  My family enjoys creating their own pizza by using fresh produce, cheeses and a choice of grilled chicken or shrimp.


Oh, one more thing……the tin of delicious Pirouline are for a neighborhood mom who just had twin baby boys!  Ayanna loves these rolled wafers.   So why not make another Momma happy today?!


Bon Appetito & Happy May Day!


2 thoughts on “B- in Food Shopping 101

  1. For me to earn an A….that would mean “not cheating” by throwing B&J in my shopping cart or those Milano’s! Thanks for your encouragement! 🙂


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