Food Shopping 101

It’s Tuesday….and that means food shopping.

My menu wasn’t as complete as it should have been for this week.  I’ll blame it on Mother’s Day weekend ~ who had time to focus on such trivial things as a menu?

Monday was left overs from Sunday’s take out.  That was perfect.  Football Superstar worked late Monday evening, so it was just Apple Cheeks and this Momma Daisy eating with plastic chop sticks from the Japanese/Chinese restaurant containers.


Tonight – we had Wegmans  frozen Florentine ravioli.  This is the first time I purchased these frozen ravioli’s and honestly, they were not all that bad!   We used my own (secret) sauce, and freshly grated parmesan cheese.    (a fresh block from Wegmans International cheese counter)


Wegmans Pomodoro Sauce was on sale for $1.99 jar.  I grabbed two.   We like this for dipping sauce when we create our Naan bread pizza’s or for shrimp & linguine.


Wegmans family pack pork chops  ~ my husband enjoys them grilled – which he’ll get this week.

Wegman 8

I had a coupon for $1 off any Sushi $5 or more.  A quick lunch for my busy Wednesday!


Hey it’s Dave!    He was on sale too!   $3.49 with AP coupon

I’m saving this for that special occasion.  Don’t know when…but it will be special.

As you can see – no Milano’s.  I tell you no lie…. no Milano’s this trip.

This week is going to be packed full for us – so my weekly menu may sound somewhat blah….but they are quick meals and easy for my husband to warm up if he should have another late night where he isn’t able to join us for dinner.

Wednesday –  crock pot Chicken with egg noodles, carrots, celery, basil, onion and garlic.  I’m using a Tyler Florence easy recipe from Food Network.   *see 

Thursday –  Grilled pork chops saturated in Stubb’s marinade, grilled brussel sprouts & yellow peppers (using more Stubb’s) and baked potatoes.  Chives & sour cream for the potatoes ~ with cracked pepper.   (I make a lot of veggies since I’m not a meat eater)

Friday –  Honestly……..I don’t know.    I made a big oops when it came to Friday’s meal planning.   Apple has swimming directly after school.  I left Friday off the weekly menu.    I feel as if you were reading this, and said to yourself…….she may have earned an A!       Sorry to disappoint you.

As my Home Economics teacher said to me a long (very long) time ago……”you’ll get the hang of it someday…….just keep up the effort”.     Thank you Mrs. Walker.  


I went with the Chips-Ahoy.

And….Mrs. Walker….I saved $22.01 today!

Grade?   You fill in the blank____________.


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