A Piranha

*Piranha swim team*
**Piranha swim team**

It’s official.  I am a Piranha mom.  I’ll be sporting the window decal on my SUV.   I ordered my parent volunteer orange and white t-shirt.   I attended the new team members meeting this evening.    Apple is now a Piranha.

Swimming wasn’t the first activity our youngest daughter enjoyed.   First, there was dancing.  Ballet and jazz.  Then tap.  Then the interest turned to Irish Step Dancing.   Which (phew, thank goodness) Irish Step fell on the way side.   Finding a dance troupe to compete with that doesn’t soak up your life (savings all at once) or your young daughters life (all at once) wasn’t the best fit.

My husband was part of the competitive sports world. (you would never know by his humbled character)   Being part of a team is important to him, as well as individual competition.   Building your mind and body.   We had football, baseball and karate.  We had years of club gymnastics.  And now….we have swimming.   This time around, I am heading into the sports arena which I am familiar with.  I was a swimmer.  Not exactly a strong swimmer.   But I loved swimming and everything that came with it.  My good friend from York Catholic school Jacquline, started out with me at the local YWCA when we were just little tikes.  We made team years later.

In our home, TEAM stands for many things.   Time, Excitement, Attitude, Motivation.   Becoming part of a team means camaraderie.   Becoming part of a fellowship and working together as one.  We enjoy being part of the community, and serving our “team” by supporting with duties such as volunteering at games …. or meets….. to sitting on a committee.  This takes time.  Time is limited when you are a team parent.    Getting involved with any of the sport team programs, gave us the opportunity to show good sportsmanship to our children.   Football Superstar certainly wanted to provide the encouragement our children needed during their competitive sport years.  Showing them how to honor the other team when their team experienced a loss.  With the overwhelming focus of the WIN – the SECOND or THIRD gets tossed aside.    What happens to the individual and the team?     Focusing on the positive – helping them to set their own goals and building their confidence with setting small (but realistic) expectations.   And they’ll go from there.

This will be the first for Apple.    She’s from a family (on both sides) of athletes.     She will feel the encouragement, the love and support along with commitments from her father and myself…..we will show her what teamwork is all about.   And at the end of this swim team season – we will evaluate what comes next.

Wish our Piranha luck!    I’ll be sure to post more on the Piranha’s!

*Happy Swimming*


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