Beach House? Tent? Cottage?

Each summer our vacation consist of the traditional [Kohr household] vacation and a few staycations.   Our all time favorite is the Outer Banks.  Perhaps it’s because Football Superstar and I enjoy being shore side.  We both grew up exploring the Jersey Shores.  His father packed up the family station wagon [five boys] and headed to NJ to live and work at their family business – Kohr Brothers Custard.  My family packed up the convertible and headed to NJ.   To work on their tans and enjoy the ocean air.  The boardwalks and the summer concerts. Not to mention the food!  My husband and I reminisce  about our Jersey Shore days.  Whether it was Wildwood, Ocean City, Point Pleasant or Cape May….we loved spending our summers by the Atlantic Ocean.    Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Frankie Valli [fathers favorite] and Rush were part of those summer memories.    We continue our joy for spending summer vacation by the Atlantic Ocean.

This time, our family tradition is located further south of the Atlantic.  Northern Beaches are wonderful.   From Duck, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, and Nags Head just to name a few.   We really don’t have a favorite beach, as long as we can rent an ocean front home.   Nothing like having the ocean in your front yard.    Sharing your morning cup of coffee with a beautiful sunrise to a bedtime kiss from the salty breeze coming in from the evening tides….can make any stress filled schedule disappear within minutes.  One rule of thumb….Football Superstar never packs his laptop!   No work rule.

Our staycations are just as fun.  Since moving south, we enjoy our local surroundings.   Alexandria, Virginia is beautiful and full of history.   There is a Century 21 New Millennium office located in Alexandria, so we had plenty of time getting to know the area while visiting my husband at his office.  Lunch or dinner on the Potomac, shopping in Old Town [love the shops!], or taking the kiddo’s to the Torpedo Factory.   This old torpedo factory is one of the coolest art galleries which also offers hands on workshops.

National Harbor in Maryland offers plenty to do.  Another great water-front area.  National Harbor offers fine dining, summer concerts, food and wine events.   If you want the perfect view of the Potomac, the Observation Ferris Wheel provides a spectacular view.    This accurate information comes from my family – I’m not brave enough to glide  almost 200 feet above water.

Hiking is another fun activity we enjoy.   Although it’s been a few years since we went camping, we have found Shenandoah National Park to be beautiful and full of history.  Only 75 miles from DC, you can hike, picnic, horse back and get lost in nature.   Try not to get LOST….just lose yourself in nature.

The Appalachian Trail and Mountain Farm Trail are worth investigating.

Worth trying:

Roanoke Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau  

101 Shenandoah Avenue NE  ~   Roanoke VA   24016

Alexandria, Virginia

Outer Banks, North Carolina

New Jersey Beaches


2 thoughts on “Beach House? Tent? Cottage?

  1. Nags Head is one of my favorite places and since I am fortunate enough to have a friend with a beautiful oceanfront home there, it is where I head when I am able. xo Laura

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