Food Shopping 101 [a little late]

I’m a slacker.   When it comes to keeping up with my post on food shopping….I’m a slacker.  These past two weeks [excuses, excuses] my cup has been filled to the tippy top.  I made no attempt to create a weekly menu, then go to the grocery store, then create the delicious recipe that was on my menu planner.  No…instead I did the hopscotch kind of shopping.   Where I roll the smooth river stone on a number – that’s how the daily meal plan was done.  Hey….look….it’s on #10!    Frozen pizza!

I can hear my mother’s sweet voice telling me it’s okay….she didn’t raise me to be a menu planner.   When it comes to cleaning…that’s a different story.   A friend who lives in our community told me my kitchen floor is super clean – you can eat off of it!   Problem is….I don’t have anything to serve you from my super clean kitchen floor.

My alarm went off at 5:15 [am]….I grabbed my menu pad and scribbled a few meals down to get me through Wednesday.  I completed our weekly grocery list and headed out the door…coffee in one hand….coupons and list in the other.


*Pork tenderloin – club pack


*Kelloggs cereal – promotional 2/$5   plus I had a coupon.  [smiling proudly]

Best part about shopping before 8:00 [am] is no crowds.  Fresh produce is coming in…and I have the aisles all to myself.  Well, most of the time.  This morning I needed to make room for another mother shopping for their OBX trip.  Her cart was filled – and I mean filled – to the very top.  I used a full size cart today- and she had the mega of all carts.  I jokingly asked her if she has a house full of boys.  She said yes….and after graduation, they are heading to the Outer Banks.   I moved out of her way in the fresh pastry section.  She grabbed bagels – by the dozens!

By the time I wrapped up my shopping – I went to check out.  Looking at my cart [which was not filled to the top] I calculated my goods and pulled out the coupons and my Wegmans customer card to hand to Jake.  Jake from Wegmans.   Not to be confused with Jake from State Farm.   However they both wear kaki’s and polo’s.

I saved a total of $16.24.

Perhaps food shopping is not my thing.   Perhaps I shouldn’t brag about my savings of  a mere $16.24, compared to those “professional shoppers” who clip&save.   Their blog titles which introduce them as  SUPER SHOPPER MOM while using words such as… “frugal”….saved $100“.

I’m up against some real pro’s here!

After returning from Wegmans, Football Superstar was helping me put away the groceries.  I’m telling him about this shopping trip – and how I feel I just can’t get this menu planning, weekly shopping organized and worse…. to remember I have the AP on my phone for Wegmans!    My hubby  put down the Ben&Jerry’s and gave me a hug.  He said sweetly .. ” I don’t  care about a weekly menu….or that you forget to use your AP….. it’s fun finding out what surprise dinner is in store for me when I get home from work…….and, I love you because if we ever run out of dishes…..we can always eat off the kitchen floor”.

Then he said….”about Ben&Jerry…..”


2 thoughts on “Food Shopping 101 [a little late]

  1. Hi Donna…thanks for visiting. Perhaps we can work together….you do the menu planning & shopping….I’ll clean the kitchen floors! 🙂


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