my nakedness

Now that I got your attention….

Allow me to explain what this means.   A few weeks ago, I was waiting for Apple to come out from school.  I typically arrive 15 minutes before the bell rings.   It was a hot [humid] day, and I remember thinking before I left the house earlier in the day – no foundation today.   With temps in the 90’s, I do not like the feeling that I’m trapped behind make-up.   No matter how wonderful Neutrogena is for my skin type – with its SPF 20, non drying, 8 hour shine control….it wasn’t smeared on my face on this hot and hazy day.   I had a little mascara applied to my lashes and of course my eye brow enhancer.  [not sure why I bother with the brow enhancer…my brows were pencil thin from birth]

This young beautiful mom was standing in arms reach – talking to her youngest toddler romping around the grassy hill beside the trail that leads to our elementary school.   Her little one was adorable and as she played windmill…she would bounce into my legs and go back to her impersonation of a windmill.  The mother apologized, which led to us having a conversation.  How long have you lived here….how many children do you have….where do you tan….do you use exfoliation….. WHAT?!

Apparently, at my age – I should be doing it all.  This isn’t new news to me.   We live in an area where  on every corner [almost every corner]  you can find a Starbucks, a dentist, fitness center and cool sculpting center.  Not to mention the many plastic surgeons and dermatologist waiting anxiously to rid you of any flaws.   If I wanted heart-shaped knees, I could have that too.   Or is that heart-shaped lips?    Regardless of what is offered out here for women, I kindly informed this mother of three that having any alterations done isn’t on my “bucket list”.   You know…a bucket list for we old people.   She knew what a bucket list was.  She has one started.   [sigh]   Eyebrow tattooing was mentioned to me by a makeup artist last year while I was searching for an eye shadow brush.  There are a plethora of brushes at cosmetic counters.   This kind professional certainly guided me to find the right brush….but she lost me at the eyebrow tattoo thing.   All I could think of ….what if my pencil thin eyebrows turned out like Morticia Adams.

After a few moments of feeling my conversation was heading towards the moment of …..  you really should consider …….  I decided to do my own impersonation of a windmill with her little toddler and allow the topic of me enjoying my nakedness be abandoned.   That’s where I left this conversation.  I politely informed this young beautiful mommy that I enjoy my nakedness. Let me correct myself….my face enjoys its nakedness.   My face appreciates the break of not having Bobbi Brown or Revlon smeared and painted just for the sake of [my own] vanity.     I don’t mind having my skin age “as is”.  I embrace who I am.   I want to show my daughters what loving yourself truly means.  I’ve done my share of skin abuse back in the day.   Tanning with baby oil, and pure cocoanut oils.  Not wearing a hat or sunglasses to protect my skin and eyes.  I don’t look like I was raised in the Florida Everglades, but I can see evidence of being a sun worshiper.   Different story today – I lather up the sunscreen and wear a floppy sun hat.  Apple is smothered in Bull Frog and Sport SP 50.

Now I know what my mother was trying to lecture for years.  My mother wore her summer fashion like no other – and I never understood [carelessly not listening] why my mother would lather her ivory skin in sun block, wear her fashionable black and white polka dot swim suit, large black shades and a straw hat with a matching polka dot brim to only sit under a beach umbrella!   She looked fabulous then….and so did her skin at the age of 84.

Embrace you beauty and allow your face to go naked.


3 thoughts on “my nakedness

  1. I am definitely in the same camp you are on this subject . . . but I think that, by the time women reach maturity, they are either firmly focused on their looks or firmly not. It seems the two types of women are destined to never really understand each other!

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  2. Visiting From over 40 Bloggers….I just turned 58 and have sensitive skin that can no longer be in the sun…I never really sunbathed and I never have worn make-up and neither did my mom….so I love my naked face….whenever I did try certain skincare it made my face break out.

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  3. Good for you!!! Read where women should take two days a week and make it no make-up days.
    I am trying this…..scary for others to see. LOL!
    Enjoyed your message! 😎


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