We Are Family…..

What comes to mind when you see the word family?   Do you instantly think of your parents, then perhaps siblings, your spouse, your own children, grandparents?    I for one do.  {and that Pointer Sisters song….}    I think of the union, the love and the bond a family makes over a course of time.   For the most part – a lifetime together.    Friendship is also very much like family.   I think of those friends I had in elementary school, to those who I became separated from after high school ended.  And the new friendships I have made as an adult.            {see post 5/27 }

Same thing comes to mind when I hear the word “reunion”.  Whether it be a family reunion or high school reunion.  Kohr Brothers {family} reunion.  Vicchiotti’s do not have reunions, because every Sunday after Mass it became a reunion of food and loud conversation.    {I love my loud family}

We add family by marrying into a family.  We add family members by having children, grandchildren, aunt or uncle.    Even the honor of becoming a Godparent is an important role.   It’s about family.

There are “families” who are created with a vision.  And this vision became the family.   So allow me to tell you about a woman who I recently had the pleasure of meeting {well, not personally – yet} but while doing research for Golden Retriever breeders.  After a few nights on Google and a few phone calls from Sammy’s breeder [who is now retired]  I typed up an e-mail…and hit …. send.   Arlene [who is located in Philadelphia] called me within hours.  We talked and talked – actually almost two hours the first night.  I cried, she listened.  She spoke, I listened.  And I took notes! This all started with wanting information about her Golden Glory dogs.   This was only to get information – as we were not even ready to add to our family.   I thought, as time would pass, then we would have the research completed and plan a time to meet with a breeder.   A month has past….and we are on the waiting list for a Golden babe!   But that’s an entirely different post – I’m going to make you wait for that one!   {giggling}

This is about a woman who created a family.   Arlene along with her husband took a vision and it has grown.  It’s her family.  And it has become our family.   Since becoming a member of Golden Glory, I have connected with families that live right here in the DC Metro area.  It’s crazy….I’m still shaking my head at times.  I had a member welcome us to the GG family, and jokingly added “this is the family you didn’t plan”!     I’m loving it.

I love reading post after post of supporting comments, offers to “pup sit” and invitations for play dates or dinner dates. {with your four-legged children of course}   Gatherings, grooming and social events.   Beach trips and health tips.  Everything you want in a family – with a little more fur clinging to your clothes.

My family and I can not wait until we actually meet Arlene and her family.  We are looking forward to meeting all the other families we haven’t met – yet.   Apple is looking forward to our first outing with a few local families next month.   We are all looking forward to when Aprel brings Max home next week!   Aprel lives less than 30 minutes { give a few for NoVA traffic} from us!   Who would have thought – my hours of conducting late night research – we would not only find our future furbaby….but we found family!     Who needs Ancestory.com when you have Golden Glory!

Thank you Arlene Quinn!  To all the Golden Glory family members – we can’t wait to make memories with you!

And…we can not wait for our little bundle of fur to join this clan!   Sammy would be proud.


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