A New Twist to Shopping 101

Now that summer has officially kicked into full gear – my food shopping days are bumped to Saturday mornings at 6am.  The best time to go.  I actually enjoy getting up early to go food shopping.   Wednesday mornings at 6am will be my back up day – for those weekends we are not home.  I have this so thought out – I shocked myself sometimes.

I clipped coupons for Saturdays trip to Wegmans.   We will be having friends visit Sunday, so I want to be sure to have everything on my LIST and have ALL COUPONS ready at my fingertips to hand Jake from Wegmans, not to be confused with Jake from State Farm.  [hopefully Jake is working – he’s such a friendly cashier]

In the meantime, I have been shopping poolside.  For the most part, my clothes shopping looks like this; I run to Tysons Corner, Leesburg Outlets or Dulles Town Center….I know where the store is located….work it as I’m running a 5-K.  I look around…focus on the sale rack….and find what I need – try on – get frustrated because it doesn’t fit – or get happy because I can still fit that size  – pay and I’m out the door.  I can’t walk around a Mall endless hours – drinking Starbucks and nibbling on Dolce’ cupcakes…I just cant do it!    I can walk around World Market when I have my $50 off coupon!!   [wink]  Let me go back to the Mall thing about cupcakes…I can do that.   But then I’m out of there!

I was reading a new book [an early anniversary gift from Football Superstar] and after I couldn’t bear to cry anymore I put the book down, and decided to continue shopping for essentials.  Which if you look up the word essential – it means something necessary, something unavoidable, things needed.   Well, I needed a new bathing suit, a cover up and a new floppy hat.

Flip-flops are essential in our home.  My girls and I adore flip-flops..and we could wear them year round if the weather would permit.   So, Target had a sale on their old school rubber flip-flops.  $.99!   We now  have a pair in every color!   Apple Cheeks likes to find “bling” to add to her flip-flops.  We found Daisy clips at Michael’s – simple to clip on any favorite pair of your beach flops.   Beach towels – another essential.   We can never have enough beach towels.   And once they get a little worn out – they make the perfect towel for Fido!


It’s like a bag of Skittles..taste the rainbow!           $.99  Can’t beat that!


One for my black&white polka dot suit    &  walking around the beach   Ready….   both under $15!


I was thrilled to find a black&white polka dot just like my mother had!  Then my  favorite basic black suit.  Both under $30!!


I couldn’t decide!!!!  So…I went with the pink for my basic black suit.  {{But I am still loving the Aqua Starfish on the right!}}

Pink Bohemian cover-up   $20.00            Aqua Starfish cover-up  $45.00    Multi blue/green cover-up   $48.00

0623151141~2  This is a great read!   Tissues required.

Happy Summer!!!!   thBP29UOVI

*Swimsuits Direct  – http://www.swimsuitdirect.com

*Target  –  http://www.target.com

*Zulily –  http://www.zulily.com


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