10 things….

I can’t remember, but some time ago, I was tagged on Facebook to participate in a “tell all” post.  Well, not exactly a tell all – but it was one of those post where you tell 10 things about yourself.  I never participated.  I know….. I’m no fun, but when it comes to Facebook’s games, I am no fun.  I don’t take the time to channel all the games and quizzes.  I can barely keep up with Football Superstars real estate side, my vintage side and now Momma Daisy’s side of Facebook.    I do remember taking  the “What Year Should You Have Been Born” quiz, and I was to be born in the late 90’s.  To me, that’s like the Coney Island Fortune Teller when she slowly announces………you have a dark and mysterious past.  Dang!   I was busted!   Guess I need to find a new place to hide my dark delicious Oreo cookies – no more quest room closet!    Dark & mysterious?!

While having coffee with a friend last week, we were chatting about those 10 things.   What 10 things best describe you.  Or what 10 things would you admit about yourself.   That would be 20 different things.  I’ll stick to 10.

10 things….about me, some of you may not know.

1.  I’m afraid of birds.

2.  I collect seashells

3.  I  can’t sing  [but I do]

4.  Summer is [now] my favorite season

5.  My favorite food is Thai

6.  I love to garden [container gardening counts]

7.  I enjoy reading

8.  I love sending and receiving snail mail!

9.  Favorite color is [mint] green

10. I cry at puppy commercials

I could go on and on…. but then you wouldn’t read my blog.

Happy Monday!

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