It’s Gottcha Day for Aprel & Max

I just had to write about Aprel and her newest arrival, Max.  Golden Glory’s Max A-Million.

Today marks a week that Aprel picked Max up to bring this little bundle of fur and joy home.

Baby Max going home with his momma Aprel
Baby Max going home with his momma Aprel 6/26/15

Prior to Max’s arrival….Aprel and I have been chatting [non stop] or texting [non stop] about him.  Aprel’s anticipation was needless to say – going through the roof!   I felt her excitement through the phone.  I’ve been there…I know that anticipation and excitement….the anxiousness and the heart pounding joy of having something new come into your life.  I’ve been there with my own children – the adoption process, to the birth our unexpected [miracle] pregnancy.   And I’ve been there when it was time to add a new  fur-child to our family.   It’s the simple  intoxicating joy of knowing you will be adding to your home, your family, your life.   Everything changes.   Schedules will be rearranged.   Sleep becomes limited.   Puppy proofing your home is a must. Patience will become your new best friend.   Because no doubt…your human friends will see less of you and perhaps wonder why you’re going through purgatory for something that doesn’t have the capability to be conversant.  Well…I’m sure there are days when the howling and whimpering and full fledge “big dog bark” feels like back talk.

But every hour of sleep that is lost…every meal that goes cold…..every movie night missed…..and every sneaker that is chewed, will be so worth it!     Even that wet dog smell and clump of fuzzy hair attached to your little black sweater is worth it.   Drool on windows.  Baby gates will become part of your décor.  Your dreams will be reciting commands.  And lets not forget…the Christmas tree ornaments.   [have you ever seen glittery poop?]

I know Aprel was ready to add Max to her home.  To her heart.    After her beloved Maggie passed away, life became different for Aprel.   As many of us have experienced……our pets are a huge part of our lives.      [see Momma Daisy post 5/5/15]

But now Max has Aprel and Aprel has Max.   She will love him unconditionally and provide Max with a safe and loving home.  Max will love her unconditionally [like a Golden]  and provide Aprel with a …okay…maybe not so safe because you know they are not watch dogs……but endless joy and humor and knocked over water bowls…..and little surprises or big surprises… but no doubt – the love of a dog.    Aprel will set rules and boundaries.   Max will joyfully obey.   They are in this new journey together.

Aprel – we are so happy for you!    I am so happy to have you as my friend.  No…make that family.

Happy 1st week anniversary!     And congratulations on your little bundle of fur.


Tail wags and puppy kisses to you Max!


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