postcards …. call it nostalgia

My sister loves Hawaii.
Keepin' it in the family.
Keepin’ it in the family.
Ireland, Atlantic City NJ, Miami, NYC & Bahama’s just to name a few.

What happened to postcards?   Why is it we don’t send them anymore?

That’s a question.   Answer it please.   I’m stuck on postcards!    Have been since I was a young girl.

We’ve gone from sending those special greetings in the mail from our favorite places to instagramming photos within seconds from our favorite places.

I do like instagram.  But there is something special while waiting for that 5×6 inch greeting to show up in the mailbox.  It’s like waiting to open up the stocking-stuffers at Christmastime.  You just never know what’s inside the stocking.  In this case – you just never know what the scenery will be on the front of this special greeting – personally sent to you!

Saludos!   pozdravy!   Salutations!  Greetings!   Wish You Were Here!

Maybe the picturesque card shows the exact area where your family or friend just visited.  Perhaps it’s from an island off the West Indies, or the white sandy beaches of Antiqua.  Maybe it’s the Pocono Mountains, where they just went hiking and found their serenity.  Or sanity.   Maybe they sent you a postcard from the Blue Ridge Mountains, and on the front of the postcard is a black bear.  And when you flip the card over to read their short, but informative greeting – it says “just like the bear we saw while hiking”!    [That’s when you sigh, and feel good about your decision for skipping that trip]

I have postcards saved from relatives who visited Italy, Ireland, England and Japan.  I have postcards from friends who sailed the ocean blue and sent postcards while in port.  I have postcards from local beaches and our Nations Capital.  And even a postcard from the same state I lived in for years.  My oldest daughter while on her 5th grade field trip brought home a postcard from Hershey’s Chocolate World, PA!

Postcards are nostalgic.  They capture the era of yesteryear, but have a timeless feel.  [to me]

Friends were leaving for Germany, and then Japan to visit family.  I shouted out “don’t forget to send us a postcard”….when I got the look of – huh?  Postcards?   Do they even make them anymore?

Whaaa?    Of course they do!

I received some beautiful photos of the kids and their grandparents.  But in two weeks not a single postcard.

I tease Mirmiam about not getting a postcard in the mail.  How I ran to my mailbox with the anticipation of finding a beautiful card showing Stuttgart, Germany or the Sankeien Gardens of Japan.  She laughs and hands me her new coffee shop business card.  Actually she hands me two.

So if you are traveling abroad, or just heading local….I’ll be looking in my mailbox.   [wink]



4 thoughts on “postcards …. call it nostalgia

  1. I think just the idea of writing and sending cards in general has been forgotten by many. In a world full of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram it’s gotten lost. I, like you, still enjoy sending and receiving them. 🙂

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    • Agreed Megan…..even the art of cursive writing has been lost. I’m so happy our daughters school continues to promote cursive writing. But I’ll take a card printed too! Love snail mail!! hehehe.

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