RE-DECOR-ATE         re [synonym]  décor [furnishing;decoration of a room]  ate [what I did while scavenger hunting]

After two weeks of being on-the-move, I’ve decided to try and focus on my home.  Laundry piled up after a trip to visit family, swim meets, a birthday party, lake fun, puppy get-togethers and saying goodbye to our college daughter – again.  [she headed back to NC for the remainder of summer]

Another trip is staring at me as I sit here typing.  My McKenzie*Childs desk calendar indicates we have another lake trip and late summer beach trip waiting.  And then there is Labor Day!  I can’t bear to see summer slip out of my hands.  With all the unpacking and laundry that needs my attention… does my cozy townhome.   LeeAnn and I have been discussing [since her move to VA Beach] that our décor has taken a huge leap back in time.  Her mother was a collector of seashells.  Some were as large as my hand while others were as tiny as a speck of salt.   Beautiful shiny shells.  LeeAnn and I have always enjoyed beachy stuff – and we both have always gone in sync with decorating.  Country > Shabby > Beach Cottage.

As much as I still love my French Market design in the kitchen and dining room, my plan is to revamp our family room and the girls bathroom with a touch of beach cottage.  I love the idea of taking all the natural soft colors from the sand, shells, sun and water and blending them together to create a comfortable and inviting living space.   Football Superstar has braced himself for another “construction zone”.  After all these years, he’s become accustom to changes with décor and my hair.  [wink]

Apple and I ran a few errands…but we had plenty of time to go on a scavenger hunt.  Todays hunt….baskets.  And not just baskets…but huge, boxy-shaped, oversized baskets.  We lucked out and found one [$5] at a  vintage shop downtown Leesburg.  The Cottage had a huge sale on nautical décor, beach items and very cool shabby beach signs.  [note to self – must return before the end of the week]

During our search, I found a whitewashed vintage [sturdy and perfect] wicker book shelf for Apple’s room.

0721151653~2 < cute right?!   Nothing needed but a little dusting off.  It was perfect and what a bonus purchase!  [$40]  Original price was $75!

0721151347~2~2 < couldn’t help myself.  Going in the girls bathroom!  And yes, it was on sale for $5!   Original price $12.00   [dancing the Pennsylvania Polka]

Medium-SeaGrass-Hamper-Closed_large < $5  Sea Grass basket re-sale site!

img53l < in love with this one….so I finally found one on a re-sale site!   Happy girl! [$4] yes, I’m a happy girl!

Apple and I jumped on Pinterest so we could find my latest pins.  I forgot how many shabby-beachy-vintage décor items I found and pinned.  With the gazillion sea shells Apple has collected over the years – she was inspired to create a sea shell bunting for her room.  I love that my youngest enjoys creating as much as I do!   Between the three of us….her room should be pretty amazing!   Thanks Auntie LeeAnn!  xoxox

il_570xN_456123268_3rhs <sea shell inspired bunting – Pinterest

thE23326V5 < Coastal Living online $35   I’ll wait for the sale.   Or LeeAnn.  🙂

9e14f0b40e97ca233eb335a2db52347c  < LOVE LOVE French Market baskets….so versatile!!

thEOA6KXEW < beach wreath – easy peasy instructions via Pinterest

coastal-entry-way < The Cottage had these adorable Sea Horse’s ….. I just love the entrance!

shabby-beachy-Chic-from-Beachcomber-10-525x641 < Stop. Me. In. My. Tracks.  Gorgeous!

f5765e24a0200502005689f907d98880 < Even Football Superstar can’t say this isn’t inviting…..

beach-cottage-by-Tracey-Rapisardi < These are the pins I have that make my mind race ….. overtime!

pottery-barn-beach-furniture  < via Pottery Barn.  I do like Sea Grass …. I really do.

il_fullxfull_439149245_5kkj < cute.  via Pinterest

As I plan my re-décor-ate, I promise to post a follow up on what other bargains we find.  I so enjoy a scavenger hunt!  Makes me want to dance!   But not the Pennsylvania Polka….I haven’t a clue what it is.

Oh, and as for the “ate” part….Shoes Cup and Cork had an amazing Dirty Chai “ice cream”!  nom,nom,nom!

Shoes Cup and Cork

17 N. King Street – Leesburg VA


5 thoughts on “Re-decor-ate

  1. My goodness, you’re having so much fun! I’ll be interested to see what comes of all this. (And I hope you’re satisfied–I’ll have the tune to Pennsylvania Polka in my head all day now . . .)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hahaha….sorry KerryCan….we heard that song in a funky little shop while out on our adventure, and it was stuck in my head as well. Apple couldn’t stop giggling! Let’s learn the dance steps together! 🙂


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