If there is one thing I love writing about – it is dogs.  Dogs are simply awesome!   They provide us with companionship, unconditional love and a plenty of humor.   As a little girl I had a dog in my home.   As a young woman on my own, I had a dog [or two] in my tiny city apartment.  And now, as a wife and mother, we have always had a dog [or two] in our home.

My family is patiently waiting for our new puppy to arrive.   I promised Football Superstar that I’ll be patient, and keep my time spent looking at photos on the GG site limited.  Yeah, that’s like telling me to pass by aisle 5 at Wegmans!

Back to the dogs…..   Saturday we had a great time meeting some of Golden Glory’s dogs and their humans.  Thank you Susan and Mark for coordinating this event at Cabin John State Park.   If you can imagine, eight beautiful Golden Retriever dogs running and playing, drooling, digging and retrieving.   Their [dog] personalities were as different as a class of kindergarteners….and yet they were all so well-behaved and balanced.   [can’t say I ever had that in my years of teaching]   I was impressed.   But why would anyone be so impressed?   They’re Golden Retrievers!    America’s sweetheart of the dog world.   Golden Glory’s girls and boys.

Apple had a blast.  She met another girl her age – who just happens to be owned by a GG dog.    I can’t believe both girls are not suffering from pitchers arm – there was endless tennis ball throwing!

While we watched the dogs romp and dig…we had the opportunity to talk with the families and create new friendships.  Exactly what the Quinn family created.   It doesn’t take much when there are dogs in the scene, and humans who love their dogs unconditionally.   This is one journey I look forward to recording.  Any publishers out there?!

And here is how it went…..

0725151033a 0725151113

^ photo shoot – I sympathize with group photographers!

0725150958~2 0725151010a

^ Apple meeting the sweet and gorgeous momma Callie  [Callie owns Mark & Susan & is the mother of beautiful Maggie & precious Mabry]


^ Football Superstar unleashing Max   [Max owns Aprel]


^ Max [the youngest toddler] trying to dig his way out.


^ and they all joined in!


^  “wait….Mauti….what happened to hand shakes?”  says Max!


^ I am Mighty Mauti!  [Mauti owns Tamara & Marvin]    Look at this face!  Oh, and he’s a Penn State Fan!!


^ Cooper  [Cooper owns Michael & Abigail & his baby brother Marley]


^ Marley [the oldest toddler in the group]  and his big brother Cooper  [Marley owns Michael & Abigail & worships his big brother Cooper]


^ the two youngsters …. Marley & Max       [I see a children’s book featuring these two!]


^ Sir Cooper taking a break.   This is where I could sneak in some extra kisses on him.  What a handsome boy!


^ Hudson who loves to crew!   One day we’re going to see this GG dog on the cover of Rowers Digest!  🙂

0725151104a 0725151148

^Then this beast invited himself!                   ^ Michael giving the beast some loving.


^ The beast and Cooper taking a break together…..I seriously think this Bernese Mountain Dog was pretending to be a Golden.   He was a sweetie and very gentle.      but gianormous!!!!


^ Callie & Maggie guarding the park.  You know you can always rely on a Golden to protect you.  Well, okay…maybe from dangerous squirrels.

0725151033a~3 0725151033b~2

Max ~  Hudson                         Mauti ~


Marley ~  Cooper               Maggie ~  Callie  ~ Mabry  [Mabry needed a pair of wings…she is an angel!]

I don’t know about anyone else….but I am certainly excited and ready for the next Golden Glory event!   [note to self – you’ll need the Canon XL60]

Thank you to the GG families!   A special thanks to Golden Glory’s  – Arlene & Kevin!

Cabin John State Park     http://www.montgomeryparks.org

**If you have a Golden Retriever and are interested in learning more about the Morris Animal Foundation Golden Retriever Lifetime Study~ visit       http://www.CanineLifetimeHealth.org


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