Food Shopping 101 FAILED!

Food Shopping 101 was a major fail today.   I went from earning a B+, to an almost A-, to a complete failed the courseretake required.

I can sit here typing away blaming others for my mistakes.  My failing.  My less than perfect average or lack of applying myself to what may come easy for others – doesn’t always come easy for me.   So who do I blame for this avalanche of failure in the grocery store?   It’s not my husband.  He’s supportive, and tutors me in using the many APs on my IPhone.  It’s not my children, however swim practice became an early morning priority.   It’s certainly not timing.  I’m up [on most days] by 5:00-5:30am.  I mentioned this in another post how wonderful it is to shop at 6:00am, having all aisles to yourself!  Coffee in one hand….listening to  the fabulous 80’s music flowing through the speakers.  Singing along with the Go-Go’s.

Is it that I’m looking at photos on the GG site morning, afternoon, and evening?   Is it that I’m updating Two Vintage Gypsies?  Is it that I’m sitting poolside sipping Chamomile-Ginger iced tea?   Or reading Sea Glass?  [which is a very sloooooooow read]    Is it that we had too many weekends filled with get-togethers or travel plans that my week days were just too full to go get food for my family?     I really had food in the house….it’s just that my McKenzie*Childs weekly menu planner is sitting next to my laptop collecting an occasional scribble.  I sit here shaking my head wondering how is it that I was so fired up on menu planning and healthy food shopping, [well food shopping]- and I end up making a bold confession to my readers and fellow bloggers – I failed.

Yesterday, Apple had friends visit, then we took the girls to a matinée in Brambleton.  Which led to using their gift cards at Sweet Frog.  Which led to window shopping at Go Banana’s.   By the time we arrived home, my hubby was unpacking his car, and I was offering him pizza – again.   That man must really love me….or is exceptionally tolerant.   I’m going to go for he really loves me.  It’s probably both.  The more I think about that….it’s both.

Six o’clock I head to Wegmans.  I’m determined to keep my GPA.    I have my list.  My coupons.  My AP coupons.  *Fresh produce – GF foods – pool snacks – fresh seafood – and the ingredients needed for my weekend meals.  [we are having friends over this weekend – both days]

Then, my mind begins to wander.   Aprel deserves not only a yummy meal, but a delicious dessert.  After all, she works all week-long, and has her little pup Max to take care of.  She probably doesn’t have time to eat!   The voices in my head worked perfectly for Aprel, because not only did I pick out something to whip up [homemade strawberry shortcake] for dessert, I found the triple selection of cheesecake.  Chocolate, original and turtle!   The voice reassured me that this purchase is extra credit because not only do I love cheesecake, Aprel likes it and so does Mary!    It’s a win-win!!

Then, my friends…. I come upon aisle 5.  Dang you Pepperidge Farm!!   Milano’s.  $1.99.   That’s just ridiculous for someone like myself.   There must be a support group for folks like me.   In my years of social services, I never came across one, but there must be.     Chocolate-lovers support group?

I finished up way too quickly.  I get in line to check out, and sadly, Jake from Wegmans wasn’t working this morning.  He’s so nice.  He doesn’t judge me for my lack of will power.

As I place my things on the slow-moving converter belt…. my eyes widen.

It’s too late to take this food junk back.   I’m not one of those people who leave merchandise by the check out either.  I’m not going to leave my spot – what if at 6:45 there is a swarm of people ready to check out?!   So I sheepishly watch two bags of Milano’s slowly make their way down to Vahurden.  She smiled and asked if these cookies were good.  [is she judging me?]

Then the cheesecake.  Oh, wait….here comes hummus, GF blue corn chips, GF bread, [don’t panic Aprel I got the good stuff for Saturday] there is a large box of Cheerios, scallops, artichokes, banana’s, brussel sprouts, kale, oops….Dorito’s, yogurts,  a large loaf of Italian bread and a few other items slowly but surely making their way down to Vahurden.   And Mary, I got you a bottle of Beach House.  Sweet Vahurden gives me my total…she gently places the cheesecake in a large stylish Wegmans shopping bag, as if it were a gift.  Um, yes…. it needs to be tested out before I even think of serving it to my friends!  So go easy with the chocolate,original,turtle cheesecake please, Vahurden.

I merge onto Rt. 7, having those voices in my head confirm that I just  went and spent $138.62 only saving $32.00, and where was all the real food?  So, I turn up the radio singing along with Toby Mac and Billy Joel.  Then I pull into my driveway and grab the bag of Milano’s before my husband comes to help unload the car.  He’s too smart.  I know he knows.  He’s watching.  I smile and inform him we are having grilled scallops tonight!    I’m so totally busted.

Football Superstar gently suggest I don’t annihilate the cookies or the cheesecake.  Annihilate?  Now that’s a word I haven’t heard used for describing my enjoyment of all things yummy.

I’m no quitter!


2 thoughts on “Food Shopping 101 FAILED!

  1. Oh, dear–you’re really beating yourself up! What you described sums up the reason I never shopped at Wegman’s when I had it available–they are diabolical geniuses at selling us expensive, unnecessary stuff. I just wouldn’t go in there . . .

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  2. KerryCan, I love your comment! Wegmans are geniuses at selling us expensive and REALLY unnecessary stuff! Between the top three grocery stores, they do come out on top with competitive prices. Harris Teeter is second. But Harris Teeter at times lures me in with temptations by the bakery counter. It’s no use….I’m doomed. 🙂


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