I Surrender!


I wave my white flag.

Two months ago I received an e-mail from a reader, [not a fellow blogger] pointing out my failed attempts to grocery shop and with that save money.   Now, as I write this post….this is in no way to create a ” word war” or to lose readers.  My attempt to surrender explain why I continue to post on my failure in the grocery shopping category….is honestly….for fun.  My poke fun at thyself…..is pretty much just that.  I always stay clear of political conversations, I dare not post on topics I prefer to avoid – even if I were with you in person.    I just enjoy writing [in my journal] about my life and loves.  And, my Loves, love me even though I am flawed when it comes to grocery shopping.   🙂

So if you want some entertainment …. read on.

More highlights on chain food stores;

Whole Foods– I’m learning to dress a little less 1970’s hippie chic.  Even though this green food store promotes au naturale.  When I feel the urge to make a quick trip to WF‘s….I make an conscious effort to wear my cute JoFit tennis skirt [I do not play tennis] matching tank top and flip-flops.  [no tennis shoes!]  This disguise helps so I don’t stand out – yes, this way I am not approached by an employee  effortlessly working to sell me something for my wrinkles and crinkles or tummy bloat.  I prefer to grab and go.  Past shopping experiences at WF‘s pushed me to make a trip to Wegmans which then placed me in a carb coma.

Trader Joe’s LOVE this place!  Luckily for me it’s not just a ten minute drive.  I believe when school is back in session, I will schedule my shopping trips to Trader Joe’s – this way I can sit in traffic for 45 minutes and snack.

Lotte– If I need to find unique Asian vegetables or noodles, I’ll go here.  When we first moved here to NoVA, I was introduce to Lotte, by a Korean neighbor.  At the time, Miss Lie, wanted to take our oldest daughter along in order to have her appreciate and enjoy foods for Asia.  So, we went.  It took a few moments for me to catch my breath from the fresh raw seafood that was thrown on a slab behind the FISH COUNTER.  College Daughter grabbed a few bags of Calbee chips [hot&spicey] and took off with her gymnast friend, leaving me with my neighbor, who we met in the parking lot of Lotte.  As Miss Lie and I strolled slooowly, through each slippery aisle, it almost felt as if I was back in China shopping at an open air market.  Almost five years later, I still make an occasional trip to Lotte.    *wear sneakers so you don’t slip in the FISH COUNTER section.

I look at my grocery shopping trips as an adventure.  Years ago, Football Superstar and I would flip a coin, I tell you no lie, we would flip a quarter to see who would go food shopping.  It’s not that he thoroughly enjoys this task, but he typically takes longer because he’s a label reader.   Fresh produce squeezer, smeller and sometimes taster.  [I married my father!]

He looks for quality, but value  So over the years of shopping with my husband, I’ve learned to control my child-like tantrums while at Costco, [it helps they have samples] Wegmans, Fresh Market and any farmers market.  Which an organic farmers market has traveled to One Loudoun….I wonder how these organic farmers travel each Saturday morning with their produce.  I see it like a band of gypsies….flowers, veggies, fruits, holistic oils….no junk food..where’s the junk food?

Food shopping has become my responsibility.  My task to uphold.  My rollercoaster to ride on.  And it has been, and probably always will be a rollercoaster ride.   I dislike rollercoasters.   But my family needs food, and I’m going  back week after week – seat belt fastened – coupons or no coupons [doesn’t matter because I forget I have them!] to bring home the bacon, and fry it up in a pan.

Yes, I surrender to you – upon an explanation I can not give why I suck at shopping.

Happy Monday – I’m going to Wegmans.


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