Green I’ve Gone

I finally completed my full week of  juicing!   I have an entirely new appreciation for the green and coral colors of swamp water juice.  Especially when it’s freshly made with the love and passion of a real juicer.   Dana!

My favorite was Dana’s blend of green veggies and fruit.  {cucumber,celery,green apple,parsely,lemon,cilantro,jalapeno pepper,green pepper, and mint}

I honestly can tell you I feel good.

There were moments where I felt weak, and the temptation to sneak something in my mouth would win out over my will-power to stay on the juice track.  Never happened.   Next detox is on the calendar for September.  I’ll juice daily,[in the morning] from here on out….just to keep merry as I enjoy “peri”.

As my family and I are off this weekend enjoying time with family and friends…..I will be sure to indulge in the delicious flavors of any and all foods placed in front of me.  Well, maybe not all foods, but enough mouth watering treats to make my taste buds dance with joy!

Have a wonderful weekend!

LISA-PC - 2015-15-8--11-04-29


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