Golden Glory’s Puppy Pawloosa!

We finally had the opportunity to meet our future pups breeder – in person – in the flesh!

Before actually meeting Arlene and Kevin, we have had endless communication for months now.  So meeting them, hugging them and becoming part of their [Philadelphia] GG family has put the exclamation point at the end of our excitement.  [!]

There were 24 dogs.  I lost count of the humans.  [Arlene probably knows!]

The meeting place was at Lloyd Dog Park in Downingtown.  There was water.  And where there is water – well – you’ll find a Golden Retriever!   Or 24 of them!

In the anticipation of waiting for our pup to enter this world….we had the opportunity to enjoy toddlers and youth in their finest!

There were pre-teens and teens.  And then we met Bella, the Matriarch of Golden Glory.   Needless to say our day was filled with fun, laughter and fabulous people and their dogs.   Maybe I should say fabulous dogs and their people.   Arlene and Kevin are like the Dogparent’s of this story – their love for what they do shines through with each kind word to their GG family members, or those who are on their GG waiting list.  It goes beyond kind words.  It’s genuine friendliness and support.  If you’re a newbie to the dog-owning world, or if you have been owned by dogs most of your life….there is still a network of support and guidance.  Love.  That’s the key here.  We may not agree on everything, but there is absolutely no doubt in my mind we are all on the same golden path when it comes to the love of our dogs.   Family just doesn’t come through marriage, or birth.  It comes with the thread of friendship and trust.  I believe the Quinn’s have given us all that thread.

I mentioned this to one of the mother’s in a Chinese adoption group I meet with each month.  What connects us as friends and brings strangers together?  In this particular group, it’s our children from Asia.  In Golden Glory’s group, it’s the dogs.  But after spending time with the group here in the DC metro area last month, and now with the largest part of GG’s family in the Philadelphia area this past weekend – it’s not just the dogs.  It’s really about the family.

Like most families, this story will continue to grow.     I just hope they go the Pollyanna route for Christmas!

Golden Glory's Golden Retrievers
Golden Glory’s Golden Retrievers August 16, 2015
The Dogparents - Arlene & Kevin with Bella & Bristol
The Dogparents – Arlene & Kevin with Bella & Bristol
There can never be a short supply of tennis balls…ever.









Enjoying a delicious meal with the humans & relaxation time with the dogs at Four Dogs Tavern ~






As with any family story……to be continued.


8 thoughts on “Golden Glory’s Puppy Pawloosa!

  1. I’m so excited for this story, and YOUR story, to be continued! As a newbie to the GG family (we’ve had Lia for 5 weeks, and have loved every minute), it has been wonderful to meet all of the families and dogs. So happy to have met you this weekend! And can’t wait till your GG furbaby is home with you!

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    • Paula, it was wonderful meeting you too! We are all looking forward to more time spent with our new GG family… won’t be long….she/he will be here before we know it! xoxo


    • KerryCan, this is the best dog-family I’ve ever experienced. We have been owned by dogs, most of our lives and I never experienced this much bond with other owners/family members! Stay tuned!! 🙂


  2. You capture so well the spirit and purpose of the Golden Glory family in word and pictures! We all feel blessed by the good works of the Quinn family and their Beautiful Bella and love to share those blessings with all! I am tickled pink to see The Family growing below the Mason-Dixon as I and my Brinkley Boy (7th son of Bristol and Chips Ahoy – 4/13 litter) spend a lot of time at my home in Stafford, VA 😍.

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  3. Lisa, what a wonderful article. I luv your stories. It’s an amazing feeling to be apart of the GG family. So happy we met through this group and so excited for your family to have a fur-baby soon. Max is waiting patiently for his new fur-buddy friend. xoxox


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