SOS School Supply Shopping


It’s less than two weeks before our Apple heads back to school.   She can barely contain her excitement.  Who will be her fourth grade teacher she wonders?!   Who will be in her class?   Hopefully, her sweet group of friends who all share the same volume of giggles and innocence.  But if they are not together in this new school year adventure….Apple will no doubt meet new friends to add to her cluster of sweethearts.

College Daughter heads back this week.  After her summer gig in NC, she is ready [so she tells us] to head back to Virginia Tech for her sophomore year of education.  It can’t seem possible that summer is almost coming to a close.   Am I the only momma out here that doesn’t want summer to end….and school to begin?!    Our trip to Target yesterday answered my question.

It was pandemonium. But we managed the crowded store with afternoon shoppers.  It wasn’t the moms-in-masses that made me want to call out SOS….or send up the flare for a rescue…. it was the shopping list for our own 4th grade class that made me feel like I was doomed to stay on Gilligan’s Island.

I know in years past, my own classroom supply list never looked so difficult.  The basics.  You know, the basic colors, and sharpened pencils.  Basic notebooks and binders.  Folders and crayons.  Markers and highlighters.  I love my Sharpie brand items, so I always added to my list #2 Black Sharpies – fine point.   But today, there were choices beyond what I could have ever imagined in the world of ink.   Number two or four.  Not just fine point – but extra fine point.  Bold.  And that was just in the ink department!   I know my eyes went crossed when it came to the pencils.  Listed on our school supply paper – #2 Dixon Oriole soft/sharpened black core soft wood.  There were dozens of #2 Dixon…but no Oriole/soft core/black core/…licorice flavored…..

We have three packs of #2 Dixon’s from last school year, they will go in the fancy new purple, blue and pink backpack.  Along with four College Ruled 1-subject notebooks, two 1/4 inch binders, two composition notebooks [reminds me of my Catholic school days!] and one pack 80 sheet replacement paper – standard line rule.

Pencils – colored.  Phew!  Basic 10 count.  Got it!  

Twistables.  I do love using Twistables while crafting with Apple.  However, our list asked for one pack – 8 countprimary colors.   I’m going to call the CEO of Crayola.  Mini Twistables.  Wave Twistables.  Rainbow Twistables, which isn’t that the same as Wave Twistables?    Extreme Color Twistables.   Twistables Slick-Sticks?!  And for those little hands, Twistables Chubby.   I was exhausted just looking at Crayola.   It reminds me of Lucky Charms cereal.   I like the original magically delicious green clovers and yellow moons.

After we found the yellow and pink highlighters – large -flat tip…..we broke into a happy dance, yes while at Target, because we completed another round of school supply shopping!    I’m off Gilligan’s Island and we drove over to Pet Valu so we could purchase September’s specialty kibble – hairball formula.  While we were shopping for our sweet kitty, we found two puppy toys and a barrier gate [on sale] for our future furbaby.   Oh, and then we found the island of Chick-fil-a so why not indulge in a tasty creamy treat!   That was not on the school supply list – but it sure was yummy!

SOS to all the other moms out there school supply shopping…..I’m here for you!


2 thoughts on “SOS School Supply Shopping

  1. Ok I have to say, REALLY!!? I am a recently retired educator and I think these specifics are over the top. Come on…..some are standard but a specific pencil! At least you have a sense of humor about it….I remember getting to the store early as a student and teacher to get supplies….that new box of crayons was a treat!

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    • Donna, I totally agree with you on standard – basic supply items for school!
      I try to keep a sense of humor along with a stash of chocolate! Thanks for stopping by!


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