Mint Condition

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I have been growing herbs for as long as I can remember.  My all time favorite is mint.    Mint is so fragrant and it’s full of nutrition.  I never realized just how beneficial mint was [to our health] until long after I decided to get into the “mint business”.  In the beginning, I was growing mint because of its fragrance and hardiness to withstand any soil or harsh weather.  It wasn’t until my mother gave me an herbal recipe tea book that I learned the wonders of this pleasant but powerful herb.  And that was 30 years ago!

In my city dwelling years, my sweet neighbor Jeanne [who had the Better Homes & Gardens garden] instructed me on how to grow mint in not only large containers [which look fabulous on any balcony or patio] but in the smallest patch of ground you can possibly imagine.  Mint is invasive, but there isn’t anything I don’t like about this perennial plant.  I swap basil for mint adding it to fresh salads.   Substitute mint for basil for a sweeter pesto.  And not to mention a sweet minty iced tea makes a refreshing twist to those hot summer days.  Plus, mint is good for an upset tummy.   Apple Cheeks eats mint like a rabbit eats clover!

This season, I decided to add apple mint to my container garden.   Beyond the mint, there is basil, rosemary and thyme.

Soon, it will be time to cut back my herbs.  I will dry a few stems of rosemary, basil and mint.  But there will be one container that holds my ol’ time favorite mint – chocolate/spearmint – that will find a sunny spot in the kitchen, and bring lots of summertime flavor to our fall and winter days.

No, I’ve never actually owned a mint business – but my friends who enjoy using mint for cooking, or brewing tea, or just to add to a vase…they know where to come!

I love it when everything is in mint condition!


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