So Long Summer?

LISA-PC - 2015-24-8--13-19-45

As I was searching for photos to post on my 2015 Summer Scrap Book via Pinterest  – it hit me that summer is really coming to a close.  Autumn will be whispering through an open window before we know it.    But!  Not until the last weekend of September.  Our community pool will remain open for those of us who are hanging on to the last thread of summer.   [insert my name]

Once October invites herself here, I will surrender to this new season.   With one simple – sweet – request.  October invites herself to my this new season kindly.  We have a beach trip on her first weekend.  And wouldn’t it be wonderful to enjoy the sun rise while sipping pumpkin spiced coffee…walking on the beach…searching for shells and sea glass….all during this new season?!      So please Mrs. October, as you invite yourself here, remember to bring the kindness.

LISA-PC - 2015-24-8--13-41-09

LISA-PC - 2015-24-8--13-53-15

LISA-PC - 2015-24-8--13-50-40

LISA-PC - 2015-24-8--13-59-53

LISA-PC - 2015-24-8--13-56-24

LISA-PC - 2015-24-8--14-03-44

LISA-PC - 2015-24-8--13-51-50

LISA-PC - 2015-24-8--13-54-24

LISA-PC - 2015-24-8--14-01-37

LISA-PC - 2015-24-8--13-57-27

LISA-PC - 2015-24-8--13-58-46

I have 150 more photos to look at – thank goodness there are four more weeks of September left that I can accomplish the DO on my “TO DO” list.

For those of you who are still hanging on to the last thread of summer …..we can do this together!   And when October arrives in all her glory – we will celebrate the season together!   We will enjoy pumpkin flavored everything!   We will crunch on leaves and watch the sun set earlier.   We will celebrate the season with fragrant candles – apple, caramel, cinnamon, and lets not forget pumpkin pie.  We will listen for the giggles of Gobblins’ & Elsa’s to ring our door bells ……

So long summer ~


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