It’s All About The Real Estate

This month marks my second year as a Marketing Director.  I’ve graduated from Special Education and Kindergarten instruction to Marketing and Farming.   Farming?   Yes, I never heard of this term used before – unless you were a farmer.

I’m learning all sorts of new terms and acronyms.  I  knew Football Superstar was good at his career of choice, but recently I’ve seen patience beyond patience.   I would be in a straight jacket if my career choices were Realtor or Farmer.  I can’t do either.  I couldn’t send my cattle off to become burger [with fries] and I couldn’t sell you the home of your dreams.  So needless to say – I would starve – and you we would be homeless.

But in the Real Estate world, Farming is targeting a subdivision/community and or new construction site for business.  Your “planting the seed” of business.  Keeping consistent and using the most rewarding techniques to develop your business.  So, I’ve been creating mailers, advertisement flyers for the Kohr Values Team.  [which I’m a key member]  as well as invitations to the business office events.  One Loudoun is a growing area – and their event calendar is most certainly another valuable tool for real estate.

I’m also learning about the unique style of each real estate developer.    Are you looking for the neo-classic structure, or the popular elevator urban townhouse?   Perhaps maybe the single family manor home?   Remember, not to call the Federal style the Craftsman.  Chef’s kitchen – no problem.   Peninsula – sure thing.  Open floor plan or closed foyer?   Apartment/Condo with rooftop patio?     And remember the key difference of each home builders unique style – Van Metre, Keswick, Toll Brothers, Miller&Smith, Arcadia, Pulte….the list goes on enough to make my eyes spin.    Then there are our military clients who come through USAA or our relocation company employees through Cartus.    All the legalities!    And numbers….I never liked math.

Perhaps I’m not cut out for this I ask?    “Nonsense” … he says.

I’m in the process of taking a course [now that I completed my human course study for pet therapy] to become a Stager.  I’m not a stranger to  Staging.  My realtor husband hires one when a client is no longer living in their current home that is on the market.   Maybe the client’s home is in need of a little tweaking before the photo shoot.  I love anything that involves decorating, revamping a room, or giving my two cents on what to add or subtract in a home.   I get to be the owner once more of that little shabby business that once was.  [sigh]

I kind of like working from home in my yoga pants.  They certainly aren’t being used for yoga right now, so why not make them my top attire in this new career of mine?!     I can drink coffee from my desk without a boss scouring about that.  Well, he sometimes may ask me what I’m doing and I say “um, what do you think I’m doing”?    You can’t say that to any ol’ boss.

I have flexibility to be part of the PTO, volunteer when needed, take a course study for the Kohr Values Team [how many more are there??!] and be available for Apple without having to plan my own lessons for the next day of school.

That’s just a fraction of the perks working for my husband the Realtor.  It’s all about the real estate – but one important fact is he takes this role as Realtor a notch above.  Success is easily gratifying, and we live in a society that eats and breaths success.  But Football Superstar isn’t out to cut throats with his competition.  He’s out to help you – the client – no matter what steps must be taken.   I’ve listened to him counsel the first time home buyer, the married couple unable to agree, the Corporate CEO who doesn’t exactly care for the layout of the million dollar listing [that one I’ll never understand] or the socialite wondering why the peninsula looks larger on than in person.

I still struggle at times to understand the realtor lingo.  But I no longer have Abominable Snow Monster’s expression after his teeth were all pulled out by Hermey the elf.


All in a days work…..because it’s all about the real estate.

Sponsored by:

The Kohr Values Team

Brent Kohr      Realtor/Relocation Specialist

Century 21 New Millennium 

One Loudoun



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