Booted from the book club?

I just got dismissed booted from the book club?!

Not really.  But sort of.  If I don’t/ can’t/ won’t read to attend – to discuss – to read more about the selected book….then  yeah, I think I’m out for the group discussion.     a slight sigh under my breath

It’s not an author led club.

It’s not online.

Not in the library.

It’s in my neighborhood.

That’s okay – I’m reading on my own and having “discussion” about the book.         please don’t worry I’m not having open discussions with myself  

So, this post is going to be my latest top reader choices.


Just Beyond the Clouds  by New York Times best selling author – Karen Kingsbury    *tissues recommend

UNSAID   by Neil Abramson    (finally completed this book after having it since July)  *tissues required

BIG MIRACLE    by Tom Rose    (read this with Apple – don’t bother with the movie)  *have tissues on hand

I would love to know what books you are reading ~   or recommend!

Oh, and if you were ever part of a book club – did you get your attendance badge removed too?!   [giggle]


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