Falling for Autumn

Halloween has come to an end.   I must admit, though we do not do “scary”, this Halloween was by far the best for Apple and her friends.   Some of the houses that the kids passed by were decorated beyond what I could have ever imagined.  I’ve seen some pretty awesome Christmas decorations, [not Griswald awesome] that make me stay and gaze at the twinkling lights and brightly decorated windows as if it were my first experience.    But, these Halloween decorations were designed for competition no doubt!   There were waltzing skeletons, fog following us down a path towards the next home and even live characters acting out Bela Lugosi and Vincent Price from those old black and white movies of yesterday.   My Elf, and her friends the Golden Dragon, Alice in Wonderland, Anakin Skywalker and his pal the giant marshmallow man from Ghost Busters were so busy having fun….they failed to realize that Darth Vader himself made an appearance with Princess Leia and Luke on his tail.   I’m not sure who was enjoying this night more…. the adults or the kiddo’s!   Even the neighborhood dogs were dressed in  Boo Night attire.    On this night, with temperatures feeling more like Autumn than late summer, I’ve come to realize I was falling for this new season.   The air circulated with scents of falling leaves, pumpkin and cinnamon.   time to break out those candles!


My very merry Elf!


Elf, Alice & Golden Dragon


Who ya’ gonna call?


Dracula Dad…unfortunately as I went to snap a close up pic – their 80 pound black lab photo bombed him!


This was dazzling – wish I would have taken a video – instead I was watching and eating a Hershey bar.


Merry Christmas….oops, Happy Boo Day!


Creepy Chef


Falling for Autumn I did.   I’m ready to make batches of  hot apple cider and grog, and pour into mason jars, and send to my friends.  My aprons are ready for baking.  My home will begin to smell of nutmeg and clove.

Tomorrow I plan to take a road trip with Apple to West Virginia.  [school in service days]  We will stop by the whimsy shops and road side stands.   And yes, if I see a little something special for someone special I will purchase it for Christmas.  [stop shaking your head – I know – I know]  Allow me to enjoy this new love affair I’m having with Autumn.

Happy Autumn to you all!



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