Anxiously waiting….and eating some chocolate.

I received two messages last week asking when our newest addition will be arriving.

If you haven’t already figured out…we are on the Golden Glory waiting list for a puppy!   {see post 6/19, 7/29 & 8/18)

My first e-mail was from one of my readers asking when he/she will be arriving?!   Honestly, it’s up to mother nature when he/she arrives, but it looks like sometime in December/January momma dog will have her litter of golden-locks.   As we anxiously wait – I’m glued to my group updates from “Momma Arlene” who keeps us waiting families in the loop with everything needed under the sun.   We are given daily updates regarding important information.  Information regarding health and nutrition, disease and dangers, as well as event invites to every GG gathering.    Information regarding cancer research for Golden’s,  along with a dash of GG family fun photos.  I’m always checking in with our GG family.  I’m convinced Arlene does not sleep.   She’s nocturnal no doubt!

My second message came via Momma Daisy Facebook page, asking the sweetest question…. “How is your family doing while waiting for your new addition to arrive?!”    First, I informed this sweet follower of Momma Daisy, I live on chocolate and nothing but the best chocolate.     But seriously, Apple Cheeks  has proven to her momma that patience is a wonderful thing to embrace.  I’ve never been patient – I’ve never been a good patient.  My dentist and family doctor will testify to that.   But my nine-year old completes her night before going to bed with a prayer for each momma dog.  (this includes all K-9 service dogs) Apple knows the word patience better than her momma and this is a lesson…learned.     However, her excitement for this future bundle of gold fur can be heard from the rooftops!    College Daughter is kept in the loop as well by her little sister.   I believe a Hokie bandanna will make its way home during Christmas break.

As  I  we patiently wait….listen for updates….watch the newsfeed….bite our nails, no that’s just me….we find ourselves planning his/her future.  I’ve been researching groomers, [Lisa Ackerman is the GG groomer in the Philadelphia area – I want to clone her]    reading up on K-9 therapy dog services, taking my class, completing the paperwork for service dog classes for the puppy, [geez, Louise there’s a waiting list for that too] , eating chocolate and being patient.   Football Superstar has not been much help in the patient department.   Coming from a pretty cool and patient man….he begins by asking “any news?”   He’s even insisted I go purchase a pair of new duck boots for those rainy days coming in March.    I shake my head wondering if we are going to experience a lot of rain come March.     So, I did go purchase a cute pair of blue Lands End duck boots. Also, a new rain coat because I know Golden’s.  I’ve been known to stand in the rain getting drenched as Samuel stood in the rain with a smile on his face thinking about nothing…..or maybe a squirrel.

Needless to say my family is ready.   We are ready to add to our family the putter patter of four feet.  September’s life will not be the same.  She may want to take as many cat naps as possible these next few months.   More pet hair will accumulate on Football Superstars suits, and no doubt you will leave my home with a few on your pants.  But I promise you, you will leave with a smile on your face and some joy in your heart.

Thanks for the questions and the love!

It’s time for me to go check my group updates from Momma Arlene….and eat some chocolate.

The Golden Touch


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