Holiday Shopping 101 begins

It’s in the air.  Food shopping centers, malls, even Starbucks are decked out [no pun intended] with their green wreaths, silver and gold, and dozens of real Douglas Fir or Scotch Pine Christmas trees to be oooed and awwwed by  shoppers.

As I entered Wegmans, with determination to remain focused on my grocery list and coupons….I couldn’t help but get distracted by the music [Dave Matthews ] and the crowd that surrounded a culinary expert stir frying something interesting.  I couldn’t see over the crowd, so I continued roaming through the produce section.   Except the aroma coming from Ms. Culinary was amazing!   My mouth began to water and this my friends drew me to the pastry and artisan bread area – right beside the food court.   So with a slice of pizza in one hand….my phone and paper list was placed aside and I began to swirl from aisle to aisle joyfully grabbing all things not needed, but mostly all things needed.  [applaud!!]        College Daughter will be coming home in a few days….another reason to grab ingredients for Grandma Doris’s chicken noodle soup, cakes, Uncle Larry’s mashed red potatoes with herbs, and Hella Of A Good dip.   Dave’s Gourmet pasta sauce(s) and four packs of [cheater version] Peanut Butter cookie mix.   Two packs for College Daughter to take back to VT, and two for the sisters to have fun baking next week.   During my lack of focus on the crowd, Wegmans was beginning to look like the day before Thanksgiving.  I needed to pack this shopping trip up and haul myself over to Whole Foods Market.   [go ahead…start laughing]

The Wegmans crowd was beginning to get restless.   U-turns in the middle of aisles, recklessly crashing into a Redskins Christmas stocking display,  [that was me] checking their watches or phones for the time.   All while eating, drinking coffee or having conversations on their phones.   This is a day in the life of shopping at Wegmans.

Jump ahead – dropped groceries off at home and now to Whole Foods Market.   I found organic wreaths [just kidding] however, the wreaths were adorned with soft muslin ribbon or burlap.    Not too much bling and shine here.   No Dave Matthews piped in….the music was certainly something more meditating, like Shakuhachi.

Oh, no….what do I smell?  Ms. Culinary expert was missing from WFM, but the food court was rocking an aroma that once again…distracted my focus on finding my husbands organic granola.   No, I didn’t grab another slice of pizza….I only walked close enough to smell it…..admire the ten cheese delight….and sooooo I passed by and went directly to the cereal aisle.   I stood in line with four boxes of Ezekiel granola.  As I stood waiting patiently….I couldn’t help but notice the difference of the atmosphere compared to the Grand Prix of Wegmans.   It was as if the organic shoppers were all standing on fluffy clouds – meditating and forgetting it’s Friday, 1:15 pm.   I was the only one looking at my phone for the time.    I began to get sleepy…so unlike me in the middle of the day.  I wanted to just go home and sip vanilla chai.   Amir, my cashier needed to ask twice if I would like a shopping bag.   Yes, please….I can’t carry four boxes of Ezekiel granola to my SUV because I’m comatose.

Holiday food shopping.  It’s in the air.  It’s the beginning of a Grand Prix or total hypnotic-comatose experience.   It’s organic cereal or Betty Crocker [cheater] cookie mixes.   It’s flip-flops or  running shoes.  No matter the direction….it is here!






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