Thankful Tuesday


I’ve been on pins and needles wanting to post this….


Tuesday morning our puppy was was born with her 5 siblings.  Before Apple Cheeks headed off to school, momma dog Roo had her first 3 pups.  Then number 4 welcomed the world.  It wasn’t until I was standing in line at Wegmans with a turkey and red potatoes that I checked the Golden Glory site to find Roo had 2 more puppies!  Roo now has 5 girls and 1 boy.   As Marey happily packed up my turkey and red potatoes – she then said “have an awesome day and Happy Thanksgiving!”  ……


Football Superstar worked from our home office Tuesday.   We were busy reviewing client status, updating his CRM reports, and designing a new ad.

By the time I looked at the GG site….Roo was pictured feeding her puppies, smiling as if birth was the easiest, most simplest thing on her “to do” list that morning.   Roo is absolutely gorgeous.  I couldn’t help but giggle at the heart shaped birth mark on her tongue, her hazelnut eyes and beautiful coat.       Back to work…..

It was 2:30, time to get Apple at school. [her last day for Thanksgiving break]   College Daughter called just as I was pulling out of our driveway – she and her roomy were about to leave campus…..and as I was seconds from school… Charlie Brown ring tone played over the Bluetooth.  The caller…. Arlene.

Momma Arlene.  The Dogmother.

My heart jumped.   Hello?!

OMYGOSH!       It’s official.   We are going to be the proud owners parents of a little Golden Glory girl.   I’m sure my screech was loud enough to create some damage to Arlene’s ear!

Arlene and I were discussing the what comes next for us as I sat in my car waiting for Apple to cross the street.  I see her.  She’s now wishing the crossing guard a Happy Thanksgiving…waving goodbye to her besties.  Come on Apple……

Arlene delivers the news to her over the phone.  Apple’s face went from a huge smile showing off those new Christmas color bands on her braces, to large tears quietly flowing down her apple like cheeks.  She was [I believe the first time in her life] speechless.    As Arlene continued talking with Apple, there was no sound coming from her.   Eyes wide open, happy tears and a slight head nod – yes.

Football Superstar was on speed dial.  Are you still home?!!   What?  You are heading to the real estate office?!    Apple delivers the news over the phone as we head home.   I can hear his deep voice as he tells his youngest daughter – we have our Murphy!

College Daughter finally arrives home.  More good news.  It’s time for ice cream!    We talk about puppyhood.   We talk about everything!

We took one last look at the litter of 6 little chubbsters.   Seriously, they have crinkles and wrinkles that are only adorable on babies and puppies.  It’s almost 11pm.   What an awesome day.

What a Thanksgiving!

Welcome to the world Murphy!    And congratulations to Roo’s family!     Thank you GG family for the support over these past 6 months.   Mostly, thank you  Arlene and Kevin!    Arlene, I remember you telling me that Sammy left a hole in our hearts when he passed….and as he will never be replaced….there is another Golden to fill our hearts once again.


To be continued……








6 thoughts on “Thankful Tuesday

  1. How exciting! Congratulations! Pics please! How ironic, I just found out yesterday Shawnee is pregnant. lol Coming from the girl that swore there is absolutely no way she was having another child.

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  2. I felt like I was right there with you – thank you for this wonderful post!!! Lia has brought so much laughter and joy into our family – I am just tickled pink for you, knowing it will be the same for you and your family!!!!


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