It’s beginning to look a lot like…


My favorite holiday.   And not just because of twinkling lights, sleigh bells, cookies and packages.   It is our time to celebrate and observe the birth of Christ.  My husband and I have incorporated our childhood traditions with our own traditions we started together.    I love looking back at Christmastime during my childhood.  Christmas was my mother’s favorite holiday too.  From baking her delicious sand tarts and peanut butter cookies to decorating our home  from top to bottom!   My bedroom would twinkle and shine with lights and large cut out faces of Santa.  A special crèche would sit on my dresser along with a variety of Christmas books.

My first puppy “Heidi” and one of our Schnauzers, “Greta” *

Christmastime was magic in our home.  And because of my mother’s perfect blend of love and laughter, I too enjoy making Christmas a magical time for my own family.

Today, our Christmas tree shows off some of my mother’s German glass ornaments. A large traditional French Santa sits on top of my sideboard.   Her French -Canadian heritage recipes are waiting to come out of my recipe box for Saturday’s cookie baking day.    My father had his own traditions for Christmas.  Christmas eve our celebration included the Feast of the Seven Fishes.  My nonna’s cookies included Pizzelle’s, Aniseed Biscotti, and Almond cakes. And together….our parents made the perfect blend of traditions.   Now, my brother [who happens to be a chef] bakes enough of these fabulous delights for the family.  My father still enjoys those delicious traditional cookies….but he surrendered the cooking to his children.

Our girls decorating the tree – our Black Friday tradition.


Supervising from the mantel.


Santa letters have been mailed.  Our calendar is filled with weekend events.   The home smells of Christmas.  Christmas tunes are playing and our tree shines beautifully.  Our community looks like a Charles Dickens classic.   I love this special holiday.   To be celebrated.   To be filled with magic.   And now….I must practice my caroling.


Fa lalalala…la la la la.


4 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like…

  1. Great Christmas traditions Lisa. As for me, I have been the Scrooge the past couple years. Do not even put up a tree. Lost my Christmas spirit mojo. lol Love to see others enjoying it though. And Starbucks does have those wonderful Christmas coffees. Perhaps I will drink one of those and see if any magic happens. 🙂

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  2. Loved reading about your families traditions at this wonderful blessed time of year. Since we are moving and all our Christmas decorations are tucked away in boxes somewhere with BEKINS, reading this helped get me on the holiday spirit. Thank You for taking my mind off of moving boxes.

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  3. Liz…sending you a hug and wishing your family a wonderful Christmas. Even though BENKINS holds your treasures hostage for the moment….you’ll have many years to decorate your new home by the lake for all holidays! Best of luck….hugs to Ellie! 🙂


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