What’s the story Golden Glory?

Here’s the story;

Just yesterday I was telling my friend LeeAnn about our little pup to be.  When we get to go visit…..pick her out….when we get to pick her up.        Within an hour of updating LeeAnn, I received a few questions through my Facebook message box asking “what’s the story…..”!   Apparently, there are more readers who are just as anxious and excited to meet Murphy as we are!   That warmed my heart – thank you for those inquires!!

Allow me  to try and update you the best I can, without giving away too much before she’s properly “christened”.   For starters, Murphy was born on November 24th. [see post 11/27 Thankful Tuesday]  She’s part of a litter of six.   As we follow the Golden Glory’s site, we are able to watch Murphy and her litter mates nurse, sleep, open their eyes, huddle together and do the army crawl.   A recent video has been played on our television over and over again.  Football Superstar should have never introduced me to this gadget!    Listening to their little yelps and whines is just enough to melt even the coldest heart.  Seriously, a new Scrooge should be created with puppies as the little spirits who warm the cold, hardened heart of Ebenezer!

Back to the story.       Arlene contacted each of the families who will be getting one of these little bundles of chub and fur.  The day for puppy pick out is the 9th of January.  I LOVE Christmas…but we all agreed, this day can’t come soon enough!    January 19th, Murphy is scheduled to come home!   It’s hard not to get overly excited here.  It’s hard not to think about what she’s doing each day.  Geez…every moment!  And we don’t even know which little sweetie she is – yet!  Football Superstar went shopping on Chewy.com for her new crate.  I donated Sammy and Heidi’s crates years ago due to the fact our K-9 kids were completely trustworthy in our home by the age of 2 years.  Which led my husband into this – “isn’t it easier with two while their young…..  maybe we should have placed our name on the list for two pups? ”    I walked away at that moment to grab my stash of Hershey Kisses.

Our kitchen looks like we are running a pet sitting business.  My shabby vintage kitchen island has been relocated.   My Simple Dimple business chalk board has been relocated.   September Moon will have a new place for her fine China kibble and water bowls.   Sammy’s masculine black leash has been replaced with a pink one.  [yes, pink – only until she’s older and gets sized for the family Tartan collar]   Murphy will inherit Sammy’s Penn State leash for a special game day walk!   Appropriate puppy teething toys and rings are waiting in her toy basket.  I think we are beyond ready!

As for Murphy having her own blog….well, maybe one day.  For now, she’ll make her debut on Momma Daisy!

Until then, my family continues to work, go to school, study hard for that doggone Virginia History test, focus on another college semester, eat chocolate, [that’s just me] and enjoy our time together with friends and family.   Stay tuned in….I promise to post on Murphy as soon as we meet her!    That’s the 9th.  Of January.  Just incase I forgot to tell you!

Now, where did I hide the Godiva truffles?







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