I’ve got one week


T’was the week before Christmas and all through my house…..

I find it hard to believe we are now entering the last week before Christmas day!   You may have read another post – written by yours truly – Christmas is my favorite holiday.   I’ve always been organized with my calendar of events, shopping, decorating, and keeping those last minute “to do’s ” in check.  But this year it seems as if Christmas crept up on me.   It seems as if I just recuperated from Thanksgiving….I’m decking the halls with my girls and finding UPS boxes at my door!

And today, I’m gently reminded not only by my family members, but the advent calendar hanging in our hallway.  College Daughter leaves tomorrow for a NYC trip with her VT friends.  By the time she returns home Wednesday morning, we’ll be having dinner with our wonderful friends celebrating the season in beautiful downtown Alexandria.  Thursday, Christmas eve service and our traditional “It’s a Wonderful Life” Christmas eve late night Chinese food and egg nog, with only the Christmas tree lights and candles to fill the room with coziness.

Last Christmas we missed our traditional family fun due to traveling.  Our kids requested to stay home –  no traffic, no air ports, no leaving our Christmas tree behind….

I walked from the kitchen to find September stretched out in a deep sleep.  She looks so comfortable.  I would love to join her… but there is one week before Christmas.   I can always take a cat nap with her on the 26th.










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