Ring out the old…Ring in the new

I’m not sure about this ringing out old…ringing in new.  When I hear [or read] those words my mind hears the sound of a needle scratching across a record.  You know that ziiiiiiiiiiiipp sound?

I doubt when Alfred Tennyson wrote the words to this poem it wasn’t meant to be taken lightly.   And I’m not poking fun at Mr. Tennyson – it’s just that I haven’t been one to make New Years resolutions  for many [many] years.   I try.   I fail.  I’ve tried again.   And I’m certainly not alone at this failed attempt to keep the new in resolution all year long!

I can’t say that I’ll become more involved in my political affairs, because frankly I’m embarrassed at most of the behaviors from both parties  that I have witnessed [when I permit the news to be on] so I refuse to get involved in door knocking and sign hanging.  I can’t say that I’ll be joining the newest fitness center opening in One Loudoun just to say I joined yet another fitness center for 2016.   I certainly can’t say that I’ll make any commitment for giving up my chocolate!   But what I can say is that 2015 was a year I won’t forget.  Nor do I want to.  My family experienced some sadness, but we gained the memories of what we lost.   We may have needed to weather some storms, but what came out of that storm made us stronger.  We gained new friendships and extended our family.  We found joy in the simplest ways.

If I look back to 2011, I am in awe at where we have come.  So much that I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings for us.  But no matter what….we have each other.  I have a wonderful husband.  We have our children.  We have our health.  We have our family and friends.

By the time December 2016 brings back the holiday shopping in masses, jockeying for parking at Tysons, or  online tickets for Festivals of Lights….I’m going to breath and continue smiling.

Please as you ring in or out your New Year….remember those who may be less fortunate than you, return a kind gesture, share your smile with someone who has a frown, through the tragedy or evil darkness that our world has experienced or may continue to experience….no terrorist can take away our inner peace.  Nothing should take that away.  I must thank my French friends, and Apple’s French study teacher for showing me strength and courage.  As they say in France “Paix sur la terre”  .

May your New Year bring you joy, happiness, good health and love.

Peace on Earth – Happy 2016!










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