time to Reflect …not Whine

The first week after the busyness of the holiday season.  It was time to move on with our daily routines, juggling schedules and activities that are highlighted on our calendars.

Football Superstar went  to his office early today – so we didn’t have our Thursday morning client review as we typically chisel out for Thursday’s over coffee and bagels.

I don’t have my vacuum back – as promised by Jay from ACEVACUUM because I blew out an important part in the motor.  I’m telling you this because I really should be cleaning up pine needles and glitter that September some how finds.  I swear this cat can find the tiniest speck of glitter and stalk it four hours!

Why couldn’t Jay make sure my vacuum was ready for me this morning?  [because Jay doesn’t owe you that explanation seeing you’re the one who blew up the motor – he had to order the part!] Why didn’t I grab eggs at Wegmans yesterday?  [because you don’t need them – only for the brownies – once again- not needed] Why does the media hype up everything?  [because they can]

Whine.  To complain.  [to not Reflect]

Before I could finish my tea – it dawned on me that I had this exact conversation [about reflecting] with College Daughter Saturday as we were unpacking her groceries.  She wanted to return back to Blacksburg before Monday, in order to get hours for work.  The catering company informed her they had enough hours for the first week of January – and possibly give her a good solid three weeks of work until classes started up for the year.   We no sooner unpacked her items, when a text came through from her boss.  She will not have any more than 20 hours before January 18th.  After she hissed and growled [can’t remember which came first] Football Superstar told her to take this time and utilize it while she has no roommates or other distractions.  Then I come in with “reflect“.  Football Superstar turned away to quietly laugh – while the hissing and growling continued.

Reflect.   I like that word.  Give it some thought.



Jay just called – my vacuum will be ready by 6:30pm.    Reflect.




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