Meet Murphy.   Golden Glory Sea Warrior Murphy

Today was puppy pick-out day at Momma Arlene’s home.

I have been known to brag of my many puppy pick-outs of all the dogs I’ve owned.  And today….I informed my family as we drove to the Quinn residence just how important it is to….blah blah blah blah….Apple was looking at a math game on her Kindle and well, Football Superstar has heard my rambling before.

Football Superstar is all business.  He reviews, he must look closely.  He takes his time.  He’s calm.   If I only had a smudge of that mans thought process I would be calmer. I think I would – maybe not.  But today love, we are not reviewing custom built homes!

Not me.  My mind runs in hyper-speed.  I look at all five puppies…now there are six.  Wait, the one is the {chosen} boy.  Take him out to make this decision easier- okay, so I picked up a girl to remove the boy– yeah, my anatomy was a tad off.    [blamed on lack of coffee]

Football Superstar calmly stands in the yard watching.  I could have jumped down from the backyard tree and he wouldn’t have noticed.

Apple….loving every moment.  She was surrounded by fluff and little four legged puff balls.  In her perfect world.  Dogs.

Inside we begin to compare heads, coloring, spunkiness…..this isn’t an easy task.

As we narrow our decisions down [and I repeat…this wasn’t easy] it’s now between two sisters.  Football Superstar holds one – I the other.  There are other sets of eyes glaring at us.  Another sister in the corner.   Oh, geez that one with her head resting on a heart-shaped water bowl.   Focus.

Back to the two – yellow tail and blue tail.    Yellow tail it is.   As my husband places her down on the floor she walked over to Apple – sitting directly at her leg looking up with those eyes [if you ever owned a Golden you know what I’m talking about] “hey, you…little human….I’m down here!”  


We had the pleasure of meeting Jeff and Lynn who own Roo,  little yellow tail’s beautiful mother.

Murphy comes home January 19th.  And we are ready.  We are very ready.

I can’t thank Arlene and Kevin enough.  The time and love that is placed into this “family” is like no other.   I couldn’t help but wonder [again my mind never stops] about the drive that Arlene has.  Does she really know what she created?  This family.  This very large family.   Of people.  Really…a lot of family members.

To be continued…..


Apple and groomer Lisa giving Murphy her first bubble scrub.





Get that little girl a football!

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