Flying Snowballs -watch out!

As the DC Metro area prepares for the first snow fall of winter – these past few days have been turned upside down with panic, and or excitement.   Perhaps it’s because we were once Northerners.  Perhaps it’s because my husband and I grew up waiting for snow to dump down on us in order to participate in all the snow-day activities.   I for one know I couldn’t wait to layer up the fleece and nylon snow gear.

Wednesday the prediction became intense.   Jonas was moving in whether he had an invitation or not.  Costco was knee deep in people waiting for their hand-out of 24 pack water bottles, shovels and batteries.   Football Superstar waited patiently in line with the usual monthly purchases.   He came home to tell me how annoyed he became while waiting in line as he watched grown men argue and physically fight over shovels.  Is this what snow does to society?!    Meanwhile back in Fairfax, at Trader Joes….consumers waiting in long lines [reminded me of amusement park lines] chatting about what’s to come.  It was funny to watch the last person in line pass on the “LINE BEGINS HERE” sign to the next person in line.

Weather has the ability to make us who we become for the day, week or month.  That amazes me.  I for one do not like days of rain.  I become cranky and need to be left outside as soon as possible.  I don’t mind snow.  I’d rather not have 18-30 inches of the white powder, but it’s completely out of our control.  If the snow is predicted – and it has been – then the only thing we can do for ourselves and the safety of others – is to be sure you have plenty of bottled water, toilet paper, milk, [some prefer wine], bread and batteries.  We have all that.  And more.  And this family is going to make the best of Snowmageddon whether we like it or not.

Apple can’t wait to go sledding  with her gal pals and take Murphy out to see her first big snow!

I prefer flip-flops and sand.  But I can honestly say that I am looking forward to watching my young daughters smile light up during this first big snow storm of her life.  Murphy the wonder pup will have a path shoveled out  to make life go a little more easier.


Stay warm and safe my friends.  Don’t allow this temporary moment in a season consume you.  Or ruin your weekend.  If anything, it’s going to ruin diets, and increase Pay Per View.

Now, I’m off to make a big pot of chili [thank you for my spices Mark!] and homemade baked macaroni and cheese.  Hot cider with mulling spices and corn bread.   But first…the little Murphster must potty…..


Happy Snowmageddon *





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