When all else fails…

I had two, 2, as in 1+1=2 blog drafts written and saved…then poof…just like that….just like 1+1=2….they were gone.   WordPress you got me on this one.


So when all else fails…. you post photos.  During Snowmageddon, we’ve been not just a little busy, it is like nonstop busy.  But today, Apple is spending the day with her friend Yoshie, and his family.  It was a kind gesture and I appreciate you Wendy!   Murphy is resting peacefully, and I… well, here I am.

Speaking of Murphy, she has adjusted beautifully.  Her spunkiness and “bull in a China shop” character keeps us laughing and on our toes!   We couldn’t love her anymore – well, I’m sure we could – it feels so good to have a furbaby in the home again, but most importantly in our hearts.  Especially Apple.  She is smitten with Murphy.  Football Superstar and I can see in just a week how Murphy has bonded with her “forever human”.  She watches every move Apple makes.  Whether it is out in the snow or in the house.   It warms my heart to see our youngest daughter have her very own puppy to grow up with.










Apple has been taking lots of photos of her little warrior Murphy.  [she certainly lives up to her Scottish name…she’s not a delicate flower]

Hopefully you enjoyed the photos….keep your fingers crossed my next lengthy post doesn’t go off into cyber land!     Happy Friday!!





4 thoughts on “When all else fails…

  1. It’s so frustrating when a post is lost. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that things go more smoothly when you do your next longer post. I’m impressed that you still were able to pull a post together on the fly. Murphy is adorable.

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