putting the “itch” under control

Not that kind of itch!

I’ve got the itch to get crankin’ on some projects.  When spring is around the corner, it makes me want to get out my paint brush and white wash something.  Or upcycle a piece of unwanted and misunderstood junk.

And the fact I’m addicted to HGTV Fixer Upper!   And the fact that LeeAnn and her fiancé are planning their countryside golf course dream home!   And the fact that awesome Golden groomer Lisa is almost ready to move in to her modern farmhouse dream home!    Looking at their floor plans, and décor and flooring and kitchen sinks, and windows and…..      I can’t really blame them for my itch – can I?  Oh, yes I can!!

As I sit here typing…I can see faint yellow buds on the Forsythia bushes.  There are birds chirping by our bare Japanese Cherry tree – probably as confused by the weather as I am.

But as our darling Murphy naps…I found myself making a list of new tools I would like for my birthday.  Which isn’t until May…but why not start now?!    I’m sure when I announce this to my husband he will bite his upper lip [he does this when I bring home the unwanted]  and ask me “is it really nessesary?”

And I’ll reassure him that I’ll try not to open a vintage furniture business in the garage….and that I’ll promise to not get paint on his nice shiny black car.

I better be careful….I may end up finding my husband purchasing another farmhouse [fixer upper] and finding myself running another vintage business….where I’ll be spooked by owl hoots and fox cries and bear eating out of the bird feeders.   No, not bears…I’m afraid of birds so I don’t do bird feeders.

Maybe I won’t share with hubby my plans.  Because you just never know with a realtor – what’s itching!







6 thoughts on “putting the “itch” under control

  1. If you need your itched scratched, please come to my house. I do not like to paint and have all the supplies to do my kitchen thinking it would get done while Mike was off over the holiday. I even bought new dishes, curtains, and clock to match my “Paris” themed kitchen. Now Mike is traveling so who knows when it will get finished. 😦

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