Lent with Valentines

Growing up Catholic, my life was pretty much like any other Italian kid attending a Roman Catholic church.   You attend Mass, you went to confession, you gave up something for Lent….and you would sometimes forget to attend to those Rosary beads your Nona gave to you during your First Holy Communion.

Today, my life has changed somewhat.   It’s a little more simpler.  Yes, I still attend Sunday morning services, yes I still make that sacrifice for Lent…and I still forget to attend to those Rosary beads my Nona gave to me during my First Holy Communion.

Apple Cheeks came home from school informing me that one of her teachers spoke of Mardi Gras.  How it all unfolded.   As the conversation in class continued on to Valentines Day, one of the students asked what does Lent have to do with Valentines Day……

Sometimes we find our youngest will dive deeper into the well of questions….she’s much more inquisitive, and without disrespecting her elders or peers….prefers a much more detailed answer.   Another words….please just don’t appease me with the typical parent -to-nine year old answer.    I think she inherited this from her father’s side of the family…because my side of the family will easily begin another conversation while whipping up a pasta meal and pouring wine……

Valentines Day has nothing to do with Lent.  [in our home]   As a matter of fact…Valentines Day has never been a big event for us.   I like simple…and since my adoring husband knows that I’m not the dozen roses type of gal….he at times struggles with female employees at flower shops while trying to purchase two big bunches of daisies.   They frown when he request daisies.  He tries desperately to explain “you don’t understand….she really doesn’t like roses!”     I love his perseverance ….but I think I’d give up!

Well, as I explained to Apple that Lent has nothing to do with Valentines Day, as she remembers from years past….and Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) as we call it….is associated with the celebration before Lent.   As it goes on for many days….the celebration is observed in many countries…celebrated in many different ways.  The beads are optional.

As for Valentines Day…..it’s still a sweet day to remember your loveys.   We have 23 cards signed and sealed with Charms Blow Pops [pink&red bubble gum flavor] and  special cards for all her teachers.  We have the pink and red outfit ready for tomorrow’s school Valentine party.   So for Apple….Valentines Day is not as simplified as mine.   As long as she understands Cupid doesn’t hit you in the heart with his arrow…..he hits you in your bum until your absolutely ready for romance!    [that’s coming from her daddy!]


Happy Valentines weekend everyone!





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